10 Best Ice Hockey Drills

The ten best ice hockey drills incorporate skills needed by all players on the ice. While there are great drills for goalies, forwards and defensemen, the ten best ice hockey drills allow each position to work while also maintaining the quick pace that is necessary for success on the ice. Take a look at this list of drills for ideas for your team's next practice.

  1. Montreal. Montreal tops the list of ten best ice hockey drills because it is a passing, skating and shooting drill that involves the whole team. Players start against the boards on both sides at both blue lines. The player starts at the far blue line from the goalie, passing across to the player waiting at the front of the line there. That player passes it back to the first player, who then passes it ahead to the player waiting at the blue line closer to the goalie. This player passes it back to the first player, who skates in and shoots on the goalie. The next player, the one waiting in line who did not touch the puck at all, begins the drill again, and it repeats until all pucks are in the net.
  2. Breakout 3-on-3. The coach dumps the puck into the corner. The defensemen retreats, one picking up the puck, passing behind the net to the other d-man, who breaks out to the forwards. The defensemen on the other side, and one forward try to stop the three attacking forwards from scoring. This drill then repeats at that end.
  3. Breakout 2-on-2. Same drill, only with two forwards instead of three, this is one of the best ice hockey drills for transition play.
  4. Seven man rebound. This drill for goalies has seven forwards standing in front of the net. A defenseman passes from the corner to one forward, who fires on the net and the forwards attack the rebounds. This is good both for hand-eye for forwards and rebound control for goalies.
  5. Give-and-go. A two man variation on the Montreal, this is one of the best ice hockey drills for passing and shooting.
  6. Give-and-go 2-on-1. A variation on the give-and-go with a defender added. The defender makes the pass out to the forward who begins the attacking drill.
  7. Line change. In order to practice changes on-the-fly, this drill involves an entire shift change, moving to set up for position in the offensive zone on the whistle, moving to set up quickly in the defensive zone on the second whistle, and a line change on the third whistle. This is a fast-paced drill that also helps with endurance.
  8. Dump and chase. This drill is often seen during professional teams' warm-ups.
  9. Penalty kill. This involves practicing the power play with the penalty killers not having sticks, focusing on body position and skating.
  10. Shootout. One-on-one, shooter vs. goalie. This is one of the best ice hockey drills for ending the practice with a fun challenge.
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