10 Best Indian Art Movies

Whether you have an unconventional taste in movies or simply want to impress someone who does, below you will find our list of the best Indian art movies of all time.

  1. “Dor.” With its excellent script and tight direction, “Dor” gets our vote for the best Indian art movie. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
  2. “Black.” Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed this critically acclaimed film that tells the story of two soul mates.
  3. “Sarkar.” “Sarkar” is without a doubt the best Indian art movie in the film noir genre.
  4. “Chandni Bar.” “Chandni Bar” is the gripping tale of a woman who is forced to work as a courtesan out of desperation.
  5. “Mandi.” One of the best Indian art movies of the 1980s, “Mandi” is set in a whorehouse in a remote Indian town.
  6. “Earth.” Deepa Mehta directed this fascinating film detailing a pivotal moment in Indian history.
  7. “Pinjar.” This is undoubtedly the best Indian art film exploring the riots that took place following the India and Pakistan partition.
  8. “Bawandar.” Women continue to have to overcome a lot of systematic prejudice in India, and this Indian art movie follows one woman’s plight.
  9. “Hey Ram.” A dying man reflects on five decades of history in his native country.
  10. “Iqbar: The Rampur Express.” This film is about a deaf and dumb boy who follows his dreams and ultimately overcomes the limitations imposed by his disabilities. It is an inspirational movie that rounds out our list of the best Indian art movies.



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