10 Best Indian Hip Hop Songs

Tracking down the ten best Indian hip hop songs can be tricky, but here is a comprehensive list that takes all the guesswork out of it. Hip hop first emerged in New York in the 1970s and has since spread far and wide. This list is proof of just how far the fun genre of music has reached, spanning and crossing ethnic borders for an entirely unique new sound of catchy beats. Indian hip hop songs blend classic hip hop beats with traditional Indian instruments to create an irresistible music experience that will have its listeners off the couch and moving in no time.

  1. "Tunak Tunak Tun". An oldie but a goodie, this one of the Indian hip hop songs is a love song by Daler Mehndi written in 1998. The Indian artist is known for his music videos which feature beautiful Indian women dancing to his songs. The music video for this particular song featured only the artist himself and a variety of distinct dance moves that have become extremely popular.
  2. "Mundian To Bach" Ke by Labh Janjua is remixed by Panjabi MC for a catchy beat that makes it irresistible to move. Not long after it was first released in 2002, the single enjoyed worldwide success as one of the best Indian hip hop songs, topping the charts in Italy and Belgium.
  3. "Raat da Na Bole" by Punjabi MC has been around for a while – since the 1990s – but is still one of the best Indian hip hop songs loved by women especially. The song is about a fierce female MC who can handle the mic like nobody’s business.
  4. "Jatt Ho Giya Sharabee" another song performed by Panjabi MC. The signature driving Indian rhythm and the beat that pushes you on the dance floor. No other Indian performer combines the music of the far east with the beats of the West just like Panjabi.
  5. "Do the Thang Thang" is an International hit single written and performed by the Indian hip hop diva Shakti. Her album Feminenergy is already #5 in India, and her upcoming one entitled Butterfly promises to have what will become some of the new top ten Indian hip hop songs.
  6. "Aj Bhangrha Paun Noo’n Jee Kardaa" by Malkit Singh is about a boy who meets a girl and invites her to dance. As they dance, he becomes intoxicated with her beauty. The song is a beautiful metaphoric picture of the two falling in love through dance.
  7. "Bolo Tara Ra" is another song by the legendary Daler Mehndi. It talks about an attractive woman who is so beautiful and free-spirited she breaks the hearts of all who see her.
  8. "Hay Jamalo" is performed by Malkiat Singh and speaks of a young couple, newly married. The groom sings of his bride’s beauty as she sits at the village well, celebrating new love.
  9. "Thumka (hip hop bhangra)" by Chandan features the sounds of Indian hip hop songs in a similar style as Panjabi MC but with raunchier lyrics for those who enjoy a grittier sound and stronger views.
  10. "Lagi Lagi Milan Dhun Lagi" by Shreya Ghoshal is another song with strong beats that has received rave reviews from Indian hip hop fans. The singer of this song sings of his powerful, uncontrollable love for his beloved.
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