10 Best Indian Movie Posters

This list of the 10 best Indian movie posters will be illuminating for those avid collectors of foreign film memorabilia. These posters from Indiam movies must be reviewed with dignity, as they have been chosen as the best portraits for these Bollywood films.

  1. "Pankh" This movie poster is gorgeous. You will get that just by looking at it in one second. It is somehow better than the movie itself, as it depicts the actor's attitude very well. The brighter colors for her, and much darker ones for him, make this antagonism of tones project the vibe of this Indian film.
  2. "Robot" This movie poster might catch you by accident. This is a good poster in an ironic way. A great poster may not be all about its artistic purpose, it’s also because of the way it shows the weirdness of the movie. So yes, you'll get that here immediately. This Indian movie is totally whacked out.
  3. "Mallika" It has the horror-thriller concept all around it. The beautiful, yet scary, actress has her nails covered in red, and in one of the nails there is blood coming out from the body of a guy she’s clutching, telling you that she’s anxious, and can't wait to have one more deathly and bloody pleasure.
  4. "Madholal" This Indian movie poster is very similar to the Johnnie Walker logo. That could have been one inspiration. The poster artist put a totally black background surrounding the walking shape of a person, and inside it, a collage with various places and people. Simple but meaningful.
  5. "Aashayein" “Hopes” in English has two different but beautiful movie posters that complement each other. One has a big sky at night, the moon, a shooting star and a house. For the other, there is a face that is covered just in black, with a sun brightly shining above the same house, this time with some birds flying around. Day and night in one simple expression.
  6. "Allah Ke Banday" There is a line on this poster in English that says “Children at War.” You can sense and get the message that this Indian movie refers to violence, conflicts and struggle. Tension is showed in such a way that there is no place for good moments in that Bollywood production.
  7. "LSD" OK, just by the title you know what to expect from this movie. But, the various eyes all around the red heart are there to say that you are being watched on every corner. Love and stalking is always a sick combination of ingredients, which are well-depicted on this Indian movie poster.
  8. "Do Knot Disturb" This Indian film brings a contagious mood to everyone. It's fun to watch, and the poster is a good way to express the comedy inside this movie. Who is after who? What is behind those cute girls? Do they come with innocent lies to hunt us down? Open the door and discover that, and many more secrets.
  9. "Kites" This Indian movie about how good your girl is, so you can hug her and raise her body as a way to show that love, especially coming from a hot chick, will always win in the end. 
  10. "Oops" Some days you are having kinky sex with your girlfriend, and then, in the middle of the climax, she says the name of one of your friends. There comes that big “Oops” moment everybody hates. In this poster the same meaning comes out, but the guy is the mischievous kind. You can also see a sexy belly button. Isn’t this the best?
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