10 Best Indian Naked Boobs

Target the 10 best Indian naked boobs for your next trip to lust land. Going boob hunting these days is one of many adventure sports for most men. Dare to deny it, and you will miss some of the best medicine to any hard day at work. India is best known for having a huge religion database of gods and goddesses. In this case, the only thing to worship here are naked deities and divine boobs.

  1. Sherlyn Chropra. This gorgeous lady must be considered as the top sexy woman in Indian history. The “Queen of Love” just adores having her boobs exposed for no reason at all. She completely ignores how harmful her naked assets are; or maybe she does, and loves to have everyone under her watch and die of boob stroke.
  2. Mallika Sherawat. Among many exquisite Indian actresses, she is considered as a remarkable sex symbol. Sherawat is really smart; so much that she can fool you without words, just winning every argument showing her naked boobs. However, let’s get serious for a bit. She has a degree in philosophy from Delhi University. Not enough? She’s also under the scope of “Playboy” magazine, meaning naked news people.
  3. Perizaad Zorabian. She has a good acting career, but that is nothing compared to her topless career. She entered stardom with the movie “Bollywood Calling.” What is known these days in her naked portfolio are two pictures: one picture on the cover of a magazine, and the other wearing some hateful fur.
  4. Nandana Sen. Her beauty is like the most refined wine getting better with years. Her boobs have the most perfect shape ever. They are an example of how big sexy boobs should look like. Besides, she also does naked scenes as an actress. Your next target should be buying the film “Rang Rasiya.”
  5. Lara Dutta. Here, you can agree that a pair of black glasses are the best combination for her naked body, as she showed at a photo shoot once. Model and actress, her boobs defy gravity as they seem to naturally float all by themselves. Just beautiful!
  6. Ameesha Patel. These sisters are regarded as a “national treasure.” So what’s her story? Our dear Patel involved herself and her twins, to be part of a topless photo shoot for a calendar. For this, we must give Daboo Ratnani big thanks in return.
  7. Amrita Rao. Good news guys: she declares to the entire Indian film industry that she doesn’t have any problem to do naked scenes, as long as there is a good script for her. If you have seen her wild and teasing boobs, then you can rest assured that your dream of watching her true talent will be granted for sure.
  8. Sushmita Sen. Indian naked boobs hunters attention, please. It’s time to do some deep zoom research. Beware of boob glaucoma. This is what happens sometimes if they are using clever cleavages to melt the audience. Do watch the Indian movie “Do Knot Disturb” to find out. Find what? A nip slip! With boobs included as a free DVD feature. Press play.
  9. Angela Dhingra. She’s an adult model, so watching her naked is nothing that can catch us by surprise. Her boobs are defined as the real forbidden fruit. One bite, and you will be guilty of committing a deadly sin. It is a pleasure to be judged by god after watching her powerful sexiness.
  10. Aishwarya Rai. Goddess! Perfection! Her body is a walking paradise. Her boobs are just breathtaking. She’s in this list because at you can see her naked only once. This is a trivia for everybody, so if you want to know the truth, go and watch the movie “Umrao Jaan.” Expect the unexpected.
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