10 Best Indian Songs Of All Time

Bollywood movies introduced some of the best Hindi songs, including these ten best Indian songs of all time. Bollywood is a term most commonly used for the Hindi-language film industry in India. While it does not apply to all Indian cinema, it’s often used that way. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India, and one of the world’s largest film production centers.

All of the Indian songs on this list are ripe with love, romance, passion, and patriotism. Opinions always differ, but most Hindi audiences rate these songs among the top ten based on originality, emotion, and lyrics.

  1. “Hum Tumhe Chaahte Hain.” “Hum Tumhe Chaahte Hain” reigns as the best Indian song of all time. The song is from the 1980 film, “Qurbani.” The title’s English translation is “sacrifice.” “I desire you the same way a dying person desires life” is representative of the passionate lyrics for this song.
  2. “Khaiki Paan Banaraswala.” “Khaiki Paan Banaraswala” is a movie song from “Don: The Chase Begins Again,” a 2006 remake of the 1978 classic, “Don.” The popular song with romantic elements is performed by Udit Narayan and Shahrukh Khan: “Now that I have her, my life is enriched.”
  3. “Munni Badnaam.” “Munni Badnaam” also makes the cut for ten best Indian songs of all time, at least from a movie songs perspective. Mamta Sharma and Aishwarya sing this favorite from the 2010 action film, “Dabangg.” One memorable line has the musician singing, “There is intoxication of a whole bottle in you.”
  4. “Chale Chalo.” “Chale Chalo” says, “A single raised finger can be broken, but when all five fingers are together, they become a fist.” The song was performed for the 2001 film, “Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India.” A. R. Rahman and Srinivas perform this for a movie about Indians fighting for their village’s destiny.
  5. “Tujhko Bhula Diya.” “Tujhko Bhula Diya” is a favorite sad song from the 2010 movie, “Anjaanna Anjaani.” The haunting lyrics cry, “There is a rainy season in my eyes; My sleep cries in the corner of my eyelids. Why have your memories made me cry?” Mohit Chauhan, Shruti Pathak, and Shekhar perform the song.
  6. “Pee Loon.” Mohit Chauhan sings “Pee Loon” for the 2010 drama, “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaii.” “My heart does not enjoy without you, I cannot live without you,” the Indian pop singer declares in this song that also ranks in the top ten.
  7. “Dilkash Dildaar Duniya.” “Dilkash Dildaar Duniya” is a Bollywood movie song for another 2010 film, Aashayein, or “Hopes.” Shaan and Tulsi Kumar sing of love and suffering. “I agree that the world is beautiful, but what use is the world to me without you?”
  8. “Kuch Naa Kaho.” “Kuch Na Kaho” is the theme song for the 2003 Indian movie of the same name. Sadhna Sargam and Shaan sing the song, whose title translates, “Don’t Say Anything.” It’s a love song with romantic lines, including “All my days, all my nights, I spent lost in thoughts of you.”
  9. “Tumhe Aaj Maine.” “Tumhe Aag Maine” is also from the 2003 “Kuch Na Kaho” movie. Shankar Mahadevan and Sujata Bhattacharya sing this love song, which begins with the words, “You whom I saw today, you’re the sparkling star of my destiny.”
  10. “Hamesha and Forever.” Last on the list of ten best Indian songs of all time is “Hamesha and Forever,” from the film, “We Are Family,” a 2010 remake of the 1998 film, “Stepmom.” Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal perform this top Hindi movie song. “Keep me in your memories, such as there is no distance,” they sing. “Remain in my embrace.”
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