10 Best Indian Swimsuit Models

Wondering who the ten best Indian swimsuit models are? With a swimsuit calendar dedicated solely to Indian swimsuit models and Indian beauties popping up in international film roles, these lovely ladies are taking the world by storm. Read on to discover the ten hottest out there.

  1. Esha Gupta– Ofter compared to Angelina Jolie, Esha Gupta is a very hot Indian swimsuit model, who is not only gorgeous but is also talented. Esha Gupta won the Miss India International title in 2007 and is an up and coming Indian film star. Keep your eyes on this hot Indian swimsuit model. You will be glad you did.
  2. Aashika Pratt– Aashika Pratt is one of the hottest Indian swimsuit models you will ever see. When you look at Aashika’s layout, you will get goose bumps all over your body. Her beauty affects men from all around the world. She is a swimsuit model in the 2010 Kingfisher 2010 Indian calendar.
  3. Anjali Lavania– Anjali Lavania is an Indian swimsuit model. She placed second as hottest babes in the Kingfisher calendar. Anjali is beautiful and multitalented— she is a model, poet, reads tarot cards and is a gypsy at heart. Anjali Lavania is an Indian goddess.
  4. Sonali Raut– Sonali Raut is a swimsuit model and an Indian actress. Her best quality is her lips, but the rest of her is not too bad either. Her beauty and talent are taking this hottie places in the Bollywood.
  5. Himarsha Venkatsamy– Himarsha Ventkatsamy is a sexy Indian swimsuit models. Himarsha looks good in everything she wears. She is in the 2010 Kingfisher Indian calendar. She is sizzling hot. Take precautions before cruising the internet for pictures of Himarsha. She will make you sweat.
  6. Dia Mirza– Dia Mirza is a beautiful Indian swimsuit model. She has also starred in movies and won the Miss Asia Pacific in 2000. Dia Mirza will light up any camera, still or moving.
  7. Zarine Khan– Zarine Khan is a gorgeous Indian swimsuit models. Zarine is a model and has also made appearances in Bollywood films. People compare Zarina’s looks to actress Katrina Kaif.  She once weighed 220 lbs., but lost it before venturing into her career as a model and actress. Thank you for your weight loss Zarine. It looks good on you.
  8. Alesia Raut– Alesia Raut is one of the most beautiful Indian swimsuit models. Alesia is half Russian and half Indian and is very hot. She is an actress and swimsuit model. Alesia Raut is a very talented Indian beauty. She plans to take Bollywood by storm.
  9. Deepita Padukome– Deepita Padukome has a beautiful name and better looks.  Deepita was in the Kingfisher 2006 Indian swimsuit calendar. She is a model and a talented actress. This multi-talented beauty was born in 1986 in Denmark to Indian parents. Her father is a former famous badminton player.
  10. Deepa Chari– Deepa Chari is one of the hottest swimsuit models in Indiana. Deepa was voted first runner up for "best body" in 2003. Along with her beautiful body, Deepa has a charming smile that lights up the world around her. Deepa has big plans in mind—her looks, smile, and talent will help her along the way.
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