10 Best Indie Acoustic Songs

Here is the definitive and authoritative list of the 10 best indie acoustic songs you've been waiting for. After listening to these indie songs, you won't want to listen to anything else ever again. 

  1. "Saint Patrick's Battalion" by David Rovics – Some call David Rovics an anti American commie pinko. Others say that he just flies a more inclusive flag than most of us. Saint Patrick's Battalion tells the true story of 200 Irish men who joined the US war against Mexico, discovered how brutal it was, then changed sides to fight on behalf of Mexico. You can love him or hate him, but David Rovics offers penetrating insights and reflections on world events. 
  2. "The Spirit World" by Josh Woodward – Josh brings us a rather bitter song about "the blind leading the blind." It's packed with intense emotion and charm.
  3. "Wake Up Holding Hands" by Anthony Toner – On a brighter note, this Anthony Toner song is all about being in love and the wonderful feeling of waking up with your lover. 
  4. "Too Fat for Ballet" by Emma Dean – This article is getting a little bipolar, but life is full of ups and downs. A teacher told a little girl that she was too fat to be a ballet dancer. The girl became a ballerina, but she would rather do anything but ballet. 
  5. "Behold" by Gary Floyd – Gary Floyd says to "behold the kingdom of God" in this song which opens his "Gospel of Zen" album. This song will take you to kingdoms within that you never knew existed. 
  6. "He Looked a Whole Lot Like Jesus" by Peg Millet – Peg Millet is a self described "redneck woman for wilderness." The song is a true story of an FBI provocateur who dated Peg so that he could convince her and a few of her friends to cut down power lines in defense of Mother Earth. Peg spent a few years in jail. The Jesus guy was never seen again, especially not in jail. 
  7. "Angel" by Leona Lewis – London songwriter Leona Lewis wrote this song about being in love with someone and wanting to be with him for life. It does happen, folks! 
  8. "Dark" by Nicola Pytell – Dark is a very confused love song. Nicole began writing indie acoustic songs at the age of ten, and her experience shows. 
  9. "Rainbow of Humanity" by Dada Veda – We are all brothers and sisters in one big family, and Dada Veda lets us all know it in this uplifting song. Dada Veda is a yogi, indie acoustic song writer and activist who believes in the beauty and potential of human beings. 
  10. "God's Box" by Jamie Lula – We all love our little boxes. We'll even put God in a box if it makes our lives simpler. Like Dada Veda, Jamie offers a vision of "One Life, One Love, One People" as an alternative to divisive ideologies. True love will not fit in any box. The best indie acoustic songs tend to lift us out of the boxes we create for ourselves, and Jamie Lula is on the cutting edge of this trend. 

Now that you have the definitive and authoritative list of the ten best indie acoustic songs, look some of these people up and listen to their music. Don't listen to these songs in the order listed, however, or you're in for bipolar hell. Mix it up a little bit. 

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