10 Best Indie Artists

Whether you’re looking to bone up on your music knowledge or are simply seeking something new to listen to, our list of the 10 best indie artists working today is sure to inspire.

  1. Conor Oberst. The front man of Bright Eyes tops our list of the 10 best indie artists for his heartfelt songs and brand new take on an age-old tradition: folk music.
  2. Beth Ditto. With her amazing voice, fierce sense of fashion and unabashedly political stance, the lead singer of the Gossip has become a hero for girls everywhere.
  3. Peaches. Peaches is awesome for injecting a heavy dose of raw sexuality back into electronic music.
  4. Joel Gibb. The lead singer of Toronto-based indie outfit the Hidden Cameras writes all of the band’s songs and coordinates a hectic live show that can involve up to 15 musicians and dancers. For sheer audacity and the talent to back it up, we have to put him on our list of the 10 best indie artists.
  5. Ariel Pink. His music is mind-bogglingly weird, a cross between psychedelic, folk, and punk rock and that’s why we love him.
  6. Jennifer Herrema. Formerly the lead singer of Royal Trux, her new project RTX has taken this gravel-voiced singer to new heights, making her one of the best indie artists in rock n’ roll, period.
  7. J Mascis. The Dinosaur Jr. front man is hands down the best guitar player on this list.
  8. Susanne Oberbeck. Like Ariel Pink, her music might be totally classifiable, but this only proves her genius, in our book. The indie artist behind the London and New York City based outfit No Bra is simply one of the smartest and best indie artists straddling two continents at once.
  9. Alec Empire. With his former band, Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire created the intense genre known as digital hardcore. He continues to wave the flag for ultra speedy electronic music on a solo basis.
  10. Snax. The Berlin-based disco savant always manages to keep our butts moving on the dance floor. He thus very deservedly rounds out our list of the best indie artists working today.
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