10 Best Indie Games

If you're tired of all the big budget game releases, then use this list of the 10 best indie games as your gate to the unknown. Indie games are great because they have all the entertainment of a brand-name release but with a little more heart than what you'll find at your local retailer. This list of the best indie games doesn't discriminate for platform, since the advent of Xbox Live and the Playstation Network have made downloading easy for console users and PC gamers alike. If you're ready, here are the best indie games ever!

  1. Braid. This time-twisting platformer is easily one of the best indie games ever made. Equal parts simple yet sublime, this game put gamers' brains to the test with puzzles that were challenging, but never frustrating. The game can be enjoyed on Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, and PC systems.
  2. Shank. This colorful beat 'em up combines the best parts of "Double Dragon" with a certain grindhouse flair. Blood and guts fly as you dismember your opponents in ways that are both brutal yet slightly comical. If you love hyper violent games, be sure to pick this one up.
  3. Irukandji. This Japanese-inspired title takes elements from the best shooters like "Galaga" and "Ikaruga" as its inspiration. Gamers will be challenged to various ships that can destroy your ship in more ways than you'd like, but luckily you've got a full arsenal of space-age weapons on your back. You'll finally learn the meaning of "bullet hell" by playing this indie game.
  4. Audiosurf. This is one of the best indie games because it lets you customize it with your musical selection. The game builds race tracks based upon the ebbs and flows of your own mp3s, and you pilot a ship through a course built upon the beats of your music collection. Finally, all those Taylor Swift albums "your girlfriend" downloaded will be useful.
  5. Downfall. A point-and-click game with a taste for horror, this game is definitely not for children. It's puzzles will leave you scratching your heads, while thje art style make it an easy contender for one of the best indie games ever. Be sure to play this one with the lights off.
  6. Max and The Magic Marker. While it sounds like a story you should be telling your kids, it's definitely one of the best indie games ever. You get to repaint a world while tackling obstacles and drawing your way through ingenious puzzles. This artful aesthetic makes it a delight for kids, or just the kid in you.
  7. Skullpogo. The concept here is simple: keep your pogo stick in the air as long as possible while squashing bats, vampiric pigs, and zombies. However, it's the simplicity which makes it one of the most addictive indie games out there. Considering it's on the touch-based iPhone, we wouldn't have it any differently.
  8. Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. It's a point-and-click game, with Strong Bad and crew. We really don't need to say anything more than that, do we? If you love quirky humor, great puzzles, and Trogdor the Burninator, then step right up!
  9. Machinarium. A great adventure game with some of the best artwork we've seen, ever, makes this one of the best indie games of all time. More so than any other game on this list, this game manages to capture and stick with a certain aesthetic that keeps us coming back for more. If you're a sucker for a good atmosphere, you'll eat this one up.
  10. Ikachan. This simplistic game captures the feeling of two of the best game franchises of all time. By playing like equal parts "Metroid" and "Castlevania," this game will turn hours into days and make each step feel equally accomplishing. Never before have we wanted to be a small squid so badly until Ikachan showed us how.
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