10 Best Indie Love Songs 2010

The 10 best Indie love songs 2010 feature impressive vocals and sentimental lyrics from Indie favorites like Beach House and Bon Iver. Some songs like Peter Gabriel’s cover of “Flume” and Ellie Goulding’s cover of “Your Song” are delicate covers of classic love songs, while others like S. Carey’s “Broken” and The Head and the Heart’s “Down in the Valley” are heartfelt debuts that have earned critical praise and are sure to become enduring favorites that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

  1. “Broken” by S. Carey From the debut solo album of Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey entitled “All We Grow,” this song ends the album and is a stirring and emotional piece full of beautiful piano and Carey’s haunting, delicate vocals. Carey’s sister Shannon provides graceful background vocals and almost all of the music was recorded by Carey himself during breaks between his tours with Bon Iver.
  2. “Down in the Valley” by The Head and the Heart From the self-titled debut album of Indie folk band The Head and the Heart, “Down in the Valley” is a love song of a different sort, detailing the love of and longing for a simpler, more meaningful time and the people that have been left behind. “The Head and the Heart” quickly climbed the Indie charts to become one of the best Indie albums of 2010, earning accolades for the Seattle-based band.
  3. “England” by The National One of the best Indie love songs of 2010, the song is included on the critically acclaimed album “High Violet.” A emotional and powerful song about hope amid the heartache of lost love, the song features a haunting piano and string arrangement along with Matt Berninger’s deep, distinctive vocals.
  4. “Come Talk to Me” by Bon Iver A nod to Peter Gabriel after his cover of “Flume” for his 2010 album, “Scratch My Back,” this cover is just as impressive as the original. This cover replaces the drums of the original song with the heavy plucking of mandolins, and combines the soft, sweet vocals of Justin Vernon with soaring, choir-like backing vocals to create an airy ballad that is without a doubt one of the best Indie love songs of 2010.
  5. “Your Song” by Ellie Goulding The first single from the 2010 re-release of British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding’s first studio album “Bright Lights,” this deeply moving cover of the Elton John original features Goulding’s quiet, charming vocals backed by a beautiful arrangement of piano and soft cello.
  6. “Everybody Needs Love” by Findlay Brown The centerpiece of British singer-songwriter Findlay Brown’s sophomore effort “Love Will Find You,” this uplifting and reassuring song is reminiscent of Roy Orbison. The song showcases Brown’s impassioned Chris Isaak-like vocals and is infused with Brown’s unique, 60’s do-wop inspired sound.
  7. “Older” by Band of Horses One of the best Indie love songs of 2010, “Older” is a song of lost love and the way in which an old lover is preserved in the mind long after they’ve gone. Like most of the songs on the 2010 album “Infinite Arms,” this song features slight country leanings and bears the influence of American singer-songwriter Neil Young.
  8. “Flume” by Peter Gabriel A tribute to Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel’s cover of Bon Iver’s 2008 original is performed acapella with light organ accompaniment. The song is arguably one of the best Indie love songs of 2010 and showcases Gabriel’s raspy vocals while also serving to capture not only his passion for the song, but also the moving beauty of “Flume” itself.
  9. “Real Love” by Beach House Leaked onto the internet in 2009, Beach House’s third album “Teen Dream” was officially released in 2010 and quickly became one of the best albums of the year. “Real Love” combines the band’s iconic slow, atmospheric rhythms with haunting lyrics to create a dreamlike ballad gently backed by uplifting piano and tambourine.
  10. “Ours” by The Bravery A major hit for The Bravery when it was featured on the soundtrack to the 2010 “Twilight” installment “Eclipse,” “Ours” is arguably one of the best Indie love songs of 2010. A techno-infused anthem, the song begins with a beautiful organ introduction and features incredible vocals by lead singer Sam Endicott.
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