10 Best Indie Pop Songs 2010

What are the 10 best indie pop songs 2010? 2010 was a good year for the genre, but, there are a few songs that stand out as the best. These are the 10 best indie pop songs of 2010.

  1. "Alligator" – Tegan and Sara This indie pop song's  insanely catchy harmonies will be stuck in your head for days. The fact that the singers are super cute,  identical twins is just gravy.
  2. "Can You Save Me " – Apples Trees and Tangerines The song is the theme of a hit TV show, but, this band, now known as POWER, is unsigned and has not yet released a full album. Here's hoping that these new talents will continue to produce their special brand of indie pop songs.
  3. "End Love" – OK Go This band is possibly better-known for their intricate videos than they are for their music. The songs stand on their own, however, and "End Love" is one of their best recent indie pop songs.
  4. "If You Think You Need Some Lovin'" – Pomplamoose This pop song from the multi-instrumentalist duo delivers a sweetly blunt message that anyone looking for anything other than a good time should look elsewhere.
  5. "Romance is Boring" – Los Campesinos! The Cardiff indie pop band suggests that happily ever after may be less blissful than you originally imagine.
  6. "Giving Up the Gun" – Vampire Weekend The New York band has released two albums in the past three years, and both are full of catchy, infectious indie pop songs.
  7. "Fall Hard" – The Shout Out Louds The hard-working band returned from a much-needed break with a strong new album, "Work." This is one of that album's stand out indie pop songs.
  8. "Write About Love" – Belle and Sebastian This indie pop band deserves much more commercial attention than they have gotten so far. The band's sound is adaptable, ranging from electronic to more organic sounds.  "Write About Love" shows a retro influence with a sound reminiscent of the Mamas and the Papas.
  9. "Stop the Music" – The Pipettes Despite the line-up changes, this twee band continues to produce great indie pop songs. Coordinated polka dot outfits and 60s style choreographed dancing during performances makes them a pleasure to watch in videos or to see live.
  10. "Shampain" – Marina & the Diamonds Getting tipsy isn't always fun; sometimes it can be plain depressing. Shampain is an ode to the heavier side of drinking.
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