10 Best Indie Rock Songs 2010

The 10 best indie songs of 2010 stand up next to the best indie songs of any year. Blues, as played by The Dead Weather and The Black Keys, sit well next to pretty music, like that of Band Of Horses. Let's take a tour of the year that was in indie songs.

  1. "Blue Blood Blues" – The Dead Weather – Jack usually reserves his blues excursions for The White Stripes, but he gets funky soulful with The Dead Weather. It's like he's playing music for a Blaxploitation movie. There's drugs. Crime. And White's desperate vocals. "Shake your hips like battleships," he orders. Very cool indie music!
  2. "Tighten Up" – The Black Keys – Whistling with a herky-jerky groove. Impossible to resist, this indie song is all over TV commercials and TV shows for good reason. It's like an old soul record revived.
  3. "You Are The Blood" – Sufjan Stevens – This great but heavy song came from the "Dark Was The Night" collection. Sujan Stevens sings it over a heartbeat beat, colored by shimmering keyboards.
  4. "Wicked Blood" – Sea Wolf– Yes, it sounds a lot like a slightly more indie Arcade Fire. But it has a melody that gets its hooks in you and won't let go. 
  5. "Sun Hands" – Local Natives – The Local Natives stormed the indie music world in 2010 with a wonderful, world music-colored sound. They also had smart songs. This one will have you humming along before it's over—even if it's the first time you ever heard it.
  6. "Cameras"- Matt & Kim – You don't need a camera to prove you were there. In our high tech world, it's okay to experience the world naturally, without always having to take a picture of events. Try it, you'll like it.
  7. "Lenin" – The Arcade Fire – Also taken from "Dark Was The Night", this is a piano-pounding rocker that shows another side of The Arcade Fire. Maybe it is better to be red than dead. This indie band seemingly can do no wrong.
  8. "The High Road" – Broken Bells – When The Shins entered Danger Mouse's world, the results were astounding. This slight indie dance groove is The Shins, albeit without all the jangling guitars.
  9. "This Fucking Job" – Drive-By Truckers – It's the "Take This Job and Shove it" of the modern generation. Indie music's Drive-By Truckers is simply the best working class band of musicians going these days. Play it loud for your boss. On second thought, wait for the whole recession business to end.
  10. "Laredo" – Band Of Horses – If you're planning a trip to Laredo, be sure and bring some Band Of Horses music for your trip. It'll make the traveling go faster. They just know how to write indie melodies that grab your heart.
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