10 Best Indie Rock Songs

Here is a list of the ten best indie rock songs. If you are missing any of these best indie rock songs, you should be sure to buy them immediately. The ten best indie rock songs come from various decades and various artists. The ten best indie rock songs are listed in no particular order:

  1. "Sore Thumb." "Sore Thumb" is an indie rock song by the Format. "Sore thumb" is sort of a combination of 70s pop/rock and indie styles of the early 2000s. If you like the Format, you will love "Sore thumb" off of the Format's 2003 album, Inventions and Lullabies.
  2. "Haiti." This indie rock song was created by Arcade Fire. One of the band members, Régine Chassagne, is from Haiti and the lyrics are about what was lost in Haiti. In 2007 Arcade Fire used "Haiti" to raise money for Haiti relief efforts, specifically, Partners in Health.
  3. "The Greatest." Cat Power created this indie rock song. "The greatest" is off of Cat Power's 2005 album, greatest. "The greatest" is a slow song that has a blues or R&B sort of sound. "The Greatest" does not have a chorus, but it somehow works.
  4. "Slow Show." "Slow show" is a best indie rock song by the National. The lyrics are strange and somewhat vague, but deep upon further reflection. This best indie song also borrows from another National song, "29 Years."
  5. "Shine a Light." Wolf Parade created this indie rock song. "Shine a light" is heavy on the keyboard and guitar. "Shine a light" is high energy like most other Wolf Parade songs.
  6. "Rocker to Swallow." "Rocker to swallow" is one of the lesser known indie songs by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. "Rockers to swallow" is like post-punk meets indie rock. "Rockers to swallow" is also the title of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' music dvd.
  7. "Miss Misery." Elliott Smith created "Miss Misery" and it is was also featured in the movie Good Will Hunting. "Miss Misery" was created in 1997 and has been compared to Nick Drake's melodies. "Miss Misery" was also nominated for "Best Original Song" but lost to Madonna.
  8. "Wolf like me." TV on the Radio created the indie song, "Wolf like me." "Wolf like me" is a punk-pop style song which features a Baritone Saxophone. "Wolf like me" is from the 2006 album, Return from Cookie Mountain.
  9. "Banquet." "Banquet" is an indie song created by Bloc Party. Bloc Party's debut single, "Banquet" is stylish, almost 80s pop, but with electronic and indie flavors. "Banquet" was released in 2005 off of Bloc Party's debut album, Silent Alarm.
  10. "Vanished." This indie rock song was created by Crystal Castles. "Vanished" was created in 2009 and sounds like experimental techno electronica. "Vanished" is a single and on Crystal Castle's self titled album.
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