10 Best Indie Wedding Songs 2010

The 10 best indie wedding songs 2010 have qualities that just about any couple can appreciate. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful melody, heartfelt lyrics, or just a sense of uniqueness, any of these great indie wedding songs from 2010 would make a perfect accompaniment to your big occasion.

  1. “When the World Comes to an End” – Dirty Projectors. Despite its ominous title, this indie wedding song more about everlasting love than Armageddon. In typical Dirty Projectors fashion, intricate vocal melodies and an off kilter song structure are main features of the song.
  2. “All I Want” – LCD Soundsystem. A funky dance beat and catchy guitar melody make this indie wedding song perfect for the reception. The lyrics are about a sort of desperate kind of love, which many couples might find very appropriate and relatable.
  3. “I Get Nervous” – Lower Dens. This band burst on the scene in 2010 with their debut album “Twin-Hand Movement”. The song itself starts off slow and builds to a moving climax in the last third. The lyrics, as you might guess, are a sort of proclamation of love to an unnamed significant other.
  4. “Excuses” – The Morning Benders. Because this indie wedding song from 2010 is in ¾ time, otherwise known as a waltz, it’s perfect for a newly married couple to dance to. A word of caution, the lyrics are a bit graphic when it comes to the physical side of love, so make sure grandma’s out of the reception hall when you play it.
  5. “Too Much” – Sufjan Stevens. If there really is such a thing as “Too Much Loves”, sensitive indie songwriter Sufjan Stevens knows all about it. The song has a sharp, electronic tinge to it, but its lyrics are as classically relatable as Stevens’ earlier folk music.
  6. “I Think Ur a Contra” – Vampire Weekend. Though it’s more about a breakup than anything else, this 2010 indie wedding song deserves a spot on the list because of its sheer musical beauty. The floating strings and dreamy atmosphere of the song suit the wedding feel very well.
  7. “Yulia” – Wolf Parade. If you’re more into indie rock than indie pop, then “Yulia” is the indie wedding song for you. It’s got a sharper edge than most other songs on this list, but maintains an upbeat feel. Even people who aren’t particularly fond of independent music will find it catchy.
  8. “Goldend Haze” – Wild Nothing. If you’re really into the new wave sound sweeping indie music recently, then this song will fit in well with your wedding plans. It has that 80’s guitar pop sound, and the lyrics (“beautiful one/ I want to know why you are”) are as loving as they come.
  9. “Kilojoules” – Freelance Whales. Freelance Whales established themselves as one of the best electro-pop indie bands since The Postal Service with their 2010 album Weathervanes. This single from it, with its sugary chord progression and playful lyrics, will have everyone in the wedding party tapping their feet.
  10. “Real Love” – Beach House. If there’s one indie wedding song from 2010 that you simply can’t pass up, it’s “Real Love”. The dream pop duo incorporates both a gorgeous piano verse and genuinely heartfelt, moving lyrics in it. Without a doubt, it’s among the best love songs of the year. 
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