10 Best Indie Wedding Songs

If you are not a mainstream sort, you may be considering the ten best indie wedding songs for your special day. Just because they refer to marriage as an "institution," you don't need to settle with stuffy, cliched or overdone music for your special day. This is the day that you and your betrothed stand before your family and friends and declare that you want to be with one another for the rest of your lives. The music you pick should be personal to the two of you, and represent your personalities and tastes. Here's a list of the 10 best indie wedding songs:

  1. Pomplamoose "Little Things" It doesn't get more romantic or more indie than this ode to the sweet, everyday ways to keep a romance alive. The multi-instrumental talents of Pomplamoose bill themselves as "anti-rock stars". Their song "Little Things" serves as a sweet reminder that it isn't the grand gestures that count, but the smaller ones, such as complimenting her cooking or picking up her favorite chocolate bar. This would make a great song for the happy couple's first dance.
  2. Johnny Cash"You Are My Sunshine" His cover of this is particularly moving, but nearly any version of the song would make a sweet and unusual father/daughter dance choice when considering the best indie wedding songs.
  3. Bernadette Seacrest "Dream a Little Dream of Me" This tattooed crooner delivers a rendition of the classic tune that is both sentimental and edgy.
  4. The Cure"Friday, I'm in Love" What gothy teenager didn't put this on a mix tape for their first love? Enjoy a little sweet nostalgia together.
  5. The Baseballs"Umbrella" Good manners are romantic. Share a sweet and intimate first dance to this song about keeping your love out of the rain.
  6. Rooney"You're What I'm Looking For" This is a romantic affirmation that your bride is The One.
  7. The Violent Femmes "I Held Her in My Arms" Here is another mix tape special. 
  8. Depeche Mode"Enjoy the Silence" One more from the mix tapes.
  9. The Flaming Lips"The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Song" This cheerful, offbeat ditty makes a great recessional song for the right, quirky couple.
  10. Luna "I Want Everything" Another great first dance song for an indie couple.
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