10 Best Inspirational Sports Songs

If want some great songs for a sports team slide show or photo montage, consider our 10 best inspirational sports songs. Many of them are popular arena and stadium songs, used to pump up athletes and motivate the fans. All of them are guaranteed to motivate, encourage, and inspire athletes and audiences alike.

  1. “We Are The Champions.” “We Are The Champions” is arguably the best inspirational sports song. The 1977 hit by the British rock group, Queen, is a great motivator for athletes. It has become an anthem for sports victories.
  2. “Eye Of The Tiger.” “Eye Of The Tiger” is another favorite song used to motivate and inspire athletes. The 1982 song by American rock band, Survivor, was written for the boxing film “Rocky III.” The song encourages athletes to fight for survival.
  3. “Gonna Fly Now.” A standard inspirational sports song is “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from the original 1976 “Rocky” film. Performed by DeEtta Little and Nelson Pigford, the oldie-but-goodie is guaranteed to inspire, with visions of the boxer running up the Philadelphia art museum steps, his arms in a victory pose.
  4. “Don’t Stop Believin’.” “Don’t Stop Believin’” is a 1981 song by American rock band, Journey. The inspirational song is known as a rally cry for several baseball and hockey teams. The encouraging lyrics motivate and inspire athletes in all levels of their sports.
  5. “Chariots Of Fire.” “Chariots Of Fire” is an instrumental theme for the 1981 film of the same name. The song has been used for various television programs and sporting events, including several past Olympic Games.
  6. “I Won’t Back Down.” American singer Tom Petty recorded “I Won’t Back Down” on his first solo album in 1989. The song’s message is one of defiance against a difficult force, and it’s a great song to motivate and inspire a team.
  7. “Born To Run.” Another popular song to inspire athletes is “Born To Run,” a 1975 hit by American singer Bruce Springsteen. The lyrics are perfect for last ditch efforts and all-or-nothing shots.
  8. “St. Elmo’s Fire.” “St. Elmo’s Fire” is the theme song for the 1985 coming-of-age film of the same name. The song is a good inspirational sports song choice, inspiring and encouraging athletes during their “time on the edge.”
  9. “Adrenaline.” British musician Gavin Rossdale sang “Adrenaline” for the 2002 action film, “xXx.” The lyrics inspire athletes with, “Adrenaline keeps me in the game / Adrenaline you don’t even feel the pain.”
  10. “Danger Zone.” “Danger Zone” rounds out our list of ten best inspirational sports songs. American singer Kenny Loggins recorded the song for the 1986 film, “Top Gun.” Popular with NASCAR crowds and arena sports, the song inspires athletes to continue to fight on the edge of danger.
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