10 Best Instrumental Rap Songs

When choosing the 10 best instrumental rap songs, your choice has to be made based on three factors. The best instrumental rap songs have to be able to stand alone without words, have beats you can nod your head to and be so hot that you'll want to try to rap as well. With that being said, here are the choices for the best instrumental rap songs. Enjoy.

  1. "Adrenaline" The Philly-based rap group The Roots came up with this musical gem. Because they use real instruments in their music, this song does exactly what it suggests—it energizes the listener. You don't need words to bump this instrumental rap song in your car.
  2. "Nausea" OK, Beck isn't a rap group, but groups from genres other than rap actually rap. "Nausea" has the perfect blend of a hard repetitive drum beat sand repeating guitar riffs for rocker or rapper alike to get down to. Check it out.
  3. "The Concerto of the Desperado" This is another Roots jam. It blends classical music with the gritty beats of a hip-hop song to give birth to maybe one of the best instrumental rap songs ever. Though the lyrics are right on and pierce your eardrums just right, the music can stand alone.
  4. "Da Rockwilder" Any list involving hip-hop songs should have this joint on the list. From Method Man and Redman's collaboration, "Blackout!," this instrumental rap song is said to be one of the hardest ever to hit a set of speakers. Released in 1998, you can still hear this instrumental rap song in clubs in 2010.
  5. "Beware" Easily one of the more raw beats Jay-Z ever rapped on. It has a Middle Eastern feel to it and for good reason—the Punjabi MC created it. Just like the rest of the songs on this list, this instrumental piece is so complete, rappers are nothing more than icing on an already musically tasty cake.
  6. "All Eyez On Me" Not only did 2Pac rap over this incredible musical creation, his beef with Nas stems from Nas using basically the same musical set up on "Street Dreams." You know the instrumental rap song is incredible if two MCs are willing to fight over it.
  7. "Juicy" The song that made the Notorious B.I.G. a household name. Borrowing from an older song ("Juicy Fruit") this instrumental piece is timeless. Say what you will about Diddy, but he's a producing genius. This song is the proof.
  8. "Wet Wipes" Created by the Dipset hip-hop team. What can be said about this beat? It's grimy, street, hard and simply amazing. No MC alive would argue how good of an instrumental this is.
  9. "Electric Relaxation" This song is one of many hits from the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest. It's jazzy with a very unique drum pattern. It's so smooth, anyone could rhyme over it … or try to rhyme over it. It's unlikely you could do it better than Fhife or Q-Tip, but this instrumental will compel you to try.
  10. "Where Tha Cash At" Listen to it. You'll want to rock this song in your car, rhymes or not. The drum beat will have you nodding your head and the music will have you wondering where they got the sample. Bad-ass.
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