10 Best Instrumental Songs About Flying

Thes10 best instrumental songs about flying span various themes. When you listen, you’ll find that orchestral instruments and synthesized music can have you relating with birds or even take you to space. Listen carefully and see if you can envision what the composers and artists imagined. 

  1. “The Birds” by Ottorino Respighi. This Italian composer is able to achieve an amazing feat by using instruments to imitate the sounds of certain birds. As you listen, you may recognize the sound of a dove and a nightingale flying.
  2. “Fly Me to the Moon” by Kenny G. The famous saxophonist does a cover of this song about love and romance. In the music, you may also feel your love reach as high as the planets.
  3. “Space” by Bond. You’ll be flying into space with the music of this string quartet. The exotic style is a new way of listening to strings blended with synthesized tones.
  4. “Blackbird” by Olivier Messiaen. In this curious instrumental song, the French composer Olivier Messiaen utilizes piano and flute to create the image of a blackbird with musical notes. At various points in the song, the blackbird seems to hop and even fly.
  5. “I Will Come Back” by Hans Zimmer. At the end of the movie, “Pearl Harbor,” Evelyn has chosen Danny instead of Danny’s best friend Rafe. In a tragic conclusion, both men fly off in their bombers for their last mission but only Rafe returns while this instrumental song plays in the background.
  6. “Concorde” by Frank Pourcel. This song starts with the sound effects of an airplane taking off, bringing out your adventurous side. The rest of the song is upbeat and leaves you with a feeling of lightness.
  7. “Flying” by The Beatles. You may recognize this song as part of the soundtrack for the band’s movie, “Magical Mystery Tour.” It almost feels like you’re flying into another world as the colors rapidly change on the screen when this song was played.
  8. “Song Bird” by Kenny G. The smooth jazz tunes of the saxophone in this instrumental song lift you up. It’ll remind you of a bird in the air as it shares its beautiful music.
  9. “Birds Saluting the Phoenix” by Ren Tongxiang. Imagine flying in the air with all of the birds and seeing the interactions between them. This is what you’ll feel when you hear this musical piece in either wind instruments or piano.
  10. “Fly, Robin, Fly” by Bond. The string music is blended with 70’s disco tunes in this cover of Silver Convention’s chart topper. People who may remember the lyrics will sing along in their heads as they listen to the instrumental version: “Fly, robin, fly up, up to the sky!”
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