10 Best Instrumental Songs

When people think of the top ten best instrumental songs, they tend to immediately think of classical music such as Beethoven. It is a rarity that the musical accomplishments of the modern era are brought to light. In truth, many people would be surprised to find that modern age songs do in fact hit several top ten best instrumental songs lists. In a recent poll performed by National Public Radio (NPR) and sites such as Amazon.com, the modern era of instrumental songs was showcased and gave several surprise entries.

  1. "Star Wars" by Jonathan Williams. In one of the most memorable instrumental songs of the twentieth century, Jonathan Williams brings upon what many call the revival of the symphonic music era. One would be hard pressed to find anyone on Earth who does not recognize this instrumental song chart topper.

  2. "Romeo and Juliet" by Henry Mancini. It is true that Henry Mancini changed the landscape of instrumental music. His songs were inspired, moving, and fitting for the role the characters played. They captured every essence of emotion and brought to mind images ranging from love to loss. This comes to light with his theme for Romeo and Juliet.

  3. "Carol of the Bells" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Many critics, including the critics at the New York Times, have listed Trans-Siberian Orchestra as one of the top producers of instrumental songs. Their rendition of "Carol of the Bells" has been featured in their Christmas Tour and in several commercials. It has since, also, hit the top ten best instrumental songs charts since it's debut.

  4. "The Call of Ctula" by Metallica. You can not have a top best instrumental songs list without giving a nod to Metallica for their amazing work. "The Call of Ctula" is consistently listed as being one of the best instrumental songs of the modern era. Metallica proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that metal and instrumental do in fact mix.

  5. "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny. "La Bamba" brought to us the sounds of Santo and Johnny with the amazing song "Sleepwalk". All you have to do is watch the funeral scene in the movie to truly experience what this instrumental blockbuster can do for a soul.

  6. "Turbular Bells" by Mike Oldfield. The song not only captures the listeners emotions but it also immediately takes them into their own imaginatively dark world that pays homage to everything haunted and dark. In fact, it became one of the backdrops for the world's most controversial and amazing horror film, "The Exorcist".

  7. "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd. The song not only promotes emotional well-being to some more skilled ears but also shows that Pink Floyd can do more than meets the eye. In all honesty, it was probably this song's poem-like feel that landed it on many best instrumental songs lists.

  8. "Baba O'Reily" by The Who. Many NPR listeners consider this song to have one of the best modern day violin solos to date. Its simplistic riffs pull you in to it's folds, entrapping you with the grace that only instrumental composers can bring.

  9. "Silhouette" by Kenny G. There has been no other solo instrumental song writer in the last few decades that can hold a candle to Kenny G. His song, "Silhouette", brought him to the top of the charts and paved the way for several other top instrumental song hits.

  10. "Fur Elise" by Beethoven. No matter how many contemporary composers have tried to outshine the classical masters, Beethoven still has managed to stay on top of the instrumental song charts with his classic piece, "Fur Elise". Regardless of your tastes, Beethoven still remains an instrumental song composer favorite.

All in all not every instrumental song has to have the signature of a long gone composer to make it's mark. Modern day bands and composers are offering instrumental classics on a daily basis that move the spirit, stir the mind, and carry the senses to other worlds. It's not all about powdered wigs and harpsichords anymore. Instrumental classics can be modern, amazing, and best of all, brought out by the most uncommon of composers.

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