10 Best iPhone Apps For Babies

Are you in search of the 10 best iPhone apps for babies? The popular iPhone applications are not just for grown ups. There are tons of iPhone apps for babies and toddlers!  How do you know which ones are worth the download? There are some parent recommended iPhone applications to get you and your baby started.

  1. White Noise offers soothing sounds for babies and stressed parents alike. White Noise from TMSoft is an application that provides relaxing sounds from the environment to lull baby (and otherwise sleepless parents) to sleep. The application includes 40 sounds, including soothing rain, crashing ocean waves, chirping crickets, a heartbeat and wind. The application allows the user to customize the sounds, play sound play lists and set timers.
  2. World of Lullabies is an iPhone application loaded with childhood favorite lullabies. World of Lullabies is a simple application offering renditions of popular, well known lullabies such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Hush Little Baby," and "The Brahms Lullaby." The best feature of this iPhone application?  It provides the lyrics, so there’s no more humming and mumbling through the chorus!
  3. The Baby Monitor iPhone application from CodeGoo is actually more of an app for parents of babies rather than babies. The Baby Monitor application lets you monitor your little one by placing your iPhone nearby. When the application picks up sounds from your baby; it makes a telephone call to a selected telephone of your choice. It makes for easy travel and away from home visits as you can monitor your baby without your home baby monitor.
  4. The Bubbles application by Hog Bay Software is designed for bubble loving older babies and toddlers. Bubbles are a childhood favorite that this popular iPhone app brings to life for use in non-soap bubble friendly environments. Your baby or toddler will be happily distracted by popping bubbles on your phone whether you are in line at the grocery store or in the pediatrician waiting room.
  5. The Kidzongs iPhone application is not just for babies. Older toddlers will enjoy the tunes as well. The simplistic sing-a-long application from Stepworks offers six songs with animated lyrics.
  6. Have you discovered the calming distraction of the Look Baby application? If you have ever tried to distract a tired or hungry baby, this application may be just what you need for a quick fix. It’s loaded with bright animations and sound effects to divert baby’s attention and help a parent stimulate baby on the go!
  7. JYProduct brings a Mini Piano application to your iPhone. Literally, the JYProduct Mini Piano is simply a mini piano keyboard for the little ones on your iPhone. Little ones are free to make their own music—or at least joyful noises.
  8. Vocal Zoo from Funny iGames offers a touch and hear animal assortment. With each touch of vibrant animal pictures, baby is entertained with the animal’s sound—press more than one picture and a chorus of animal sounds is created.
  9. The Bubblesnap iPhone application makes the joyous popping of packing bubble wrap safe enough for babies and toddlers to enjoy. With a simple tapping of the screen, little ones are able to pop the virtual bubble wrap. The best part of Bubblesnap is that the bubble wrap sheets refresh so that everyone gets a turn!
  10. Balloonimals by IDEO is another great iPhone app for babies and toddlers. With a blow into the phone’s microphone, balloons inflate and transform into adorable balloon animals when the phone is shaken. “Pop” the balloons animals with a screen touch and watch them become interactive.
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