10 Best iPhone Apps For Calorie Tracking

Keep track of your calories with the 10 best iPhone apps for tracking calories. Knowing how many calories you consume in a day is a key component in losing weight and keeping fit. Even though we all know that keeping track of our caloric in-take can be vital to our fitness goals, it can be the hardest thing to keep track of. Most of us are not inclined to carry a notebook just to write down how many calories we have had in a day, let alone ask for the calorie count of everything that we put in our mouth. Even if we do, we can only keep up the process for a few days before we either forget or abandon it altogether. That's where the iPhone comes in, the iPhone has hundreds of apps available to help you keep track of and count your calories. Sadly, there isn't an app that will keep you from stopping at that burger joint on Friday night, although a willpower app is something we wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for.

  1. Calorie Tracker This is a free iPhone app for tracking calories created by Lance Armstrong's fitness web site. When you enter the food you want to eat into the iPhone app, it will pull the caloric information from the database of 450,000 foods. It also has features that will allow you to track everything that you have eaten for the day.
  2. Loose It This iPhone app for tracking calories will help you set up a calorie budget. Creating a calorie budget will help you figure out how many calories you need to eat to keep healthy. Once the calorie budget is in place use the other features on this calorie tracking app to keep track of how many calories you've eaten during the day and make sure that you stay within your calorie budget.
  3. iWatchr Here is a iPhone calorie tracking app for the Weight Watchers crowd. This calorie tracking app lets you keep track of your calories and your Weight Watcher points.
  4. Nutrition Menu An iPhone calorie tracking app that gives you all of the nutritional information from any food in their database and helps you keep count of your daily caloric in-take.
  5. Go Meals This calorie tracking app does more than just track your calories. It also keeps track of the amount of carbs, fats and proteins that you've had in a day.
  6. Calorie Checker Let's you check the calorie count of over 7,500 foods from the U.S. Department of Agriculture database while helping you keep track of your calories for the day. Although we cant.'t help but wonder why the U.S. Department of Agriculture doesn't have more calorie information in their database?
  7. Food IQ This calorie tracking app provides you with calorie information of almost any food on the planet, it tracks calories and allows you to compare your caloric in-take over time. We guess the folks at Apple were right, there really is an app for everything.
  8. iCalorie An iphone calorie tracker that also keeps track of your workout routine and the amount of calories that you burn. It also has features that will allow you to track your daily, weekly and monthly progress.
  9. Calorie Counter The developers of this iPhone app couldn't be bothered with coming up with a fancy name for their iPhone calorie tracking app. What you see is what you get folks, a simple straight forward app that tells you how many calories your food has and tracks how many calories you have eaten in a day.
  10. Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker by My Fitness Pal The folks at My Fitness Pal made this iPhone app and all purpose calorie tracker and fitness tracker. It keeps track of your caloric in-take along with your workout routine, then gives you progress reports.
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