10 Best iPhone Apps For College Students

The ten best iPhone Apps for college students offer a variety of ways to have fun, get organized, and conquer the challenges that this next chapter of life presents. If you are a college student and an iPhone owner looking for the best iPhone Apps for college students, then look no further.

  1. Surviving High School. Electronic Arts creates this fun game at low cost and high value to college students everywhere. Perfect if you are blowing an hour between classes, or you are several years removed from high school and need a taste of nostalgia in your life. Surviving High School is truly one of the best iPhone Apps for college students because it recreates an environment not too far removed from collegiate types with a fun, interactive gaming experience.
  2. Periodic Table and chemistry calculator. TWSS Worldwide Software understands the academic demands placed on today's college students. With the intricately designed yet easy to figure out Periodic Table and Chemistry Calculator, TWSS has simplified one of the most complicated subjects in the curriculum. Easily one of the best iPhone Apps for college students because of the value it places on advanced education at a price college students can afford.
  3. VocabWiz college vocabulary. TestPrepWiz ensures that college students will be ready to interact like adults while crossing over from high school to the future. With VocabWiz College Vocabulary, college students can get all the vocabulary knowledge they need to function in the modern world.
  4. Oxford American college dictionary and Thesaurus of Current English. VOCEL, Inc., presents the Oxford App. It's a bit pricier than most iPhone applications, but the knowledge and efficiency this application gives to college students pays for itself. One of the best iPhone Apps for college students because it enables better reading and writing at a glance.
  5. iStudiezPro. College students organize homework and class loads with the award-winning application. iStudiezPro brings balance to the college student's life, making it an easy choice for this list of best iPhone Apps for college students.
  6. College fight fongs – authentic versions. Smartphones Technologies, Inc., presents this free application that links college students to professional versions of college fight songs. One of the best iPhone Apps for college students because it brings school pride into the digital age.
  7. Philosophy – The Essential Collection. BeamItDown Software, offers the essential writings of some of world history's most famous philosophers. Read Rene Descartes, David Hume, John Locke, and Plato, without breaking the bank and taking up unnecessary space in your dorm room.
  8. College 1UP. Aggressive Imagination delivers another App designed to help students manage courses and homework. College 1UP is another cheap way to maximize performance in the college classroom, earning it a rightful place on this list of best iPhone Apps for college students.
  9. ESPN Spelling Bee. EpicTilt understands that spelling is important no matter what age you are. With ESPN Spelling Bee, the developer turns the building of improved spelling skills into a fun competition among iPhone users all over the world.
  10. Homeworkr. Vurb Studio rounds out this list of best iPhone Apps for college students with another course management application designed to help college students balance the pressures of a fast-paced lifestyle at a low cost. Homeworkr delivers convenience economically with a simple user-friendly interface that impresses.




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