10 Best iPhone Apps For Dating

The 10 best iPhone Apps for dating have changed the way singles go about their companionship needs. What used to be a costly and somewhat embarrassing service is now widely acceptable thanks to the iPhone and its many social networking applications. These programs are making it easier than ever before to connect with, possibly, the future Mister or Missus Right.

  1. Dating DNA Plus: Dating DNA makes this list of best iPhone apps for dating because it offers singles a way to connect with one another at a low cost. It also offers a "lite" version that allows its customers limited availability just to determine if Dating DNA is the right app for them.
  2. SpeedDate: SpeedDate is a free version of the official site available to iPhone users. SpeedDate allows users to quickly get a taste for possible matches at no additional cost, making it one of the most affordable, if not one of the best iPhone apps for dating.
  3. Match.com: Match.com is one of the most easily recognizable online dating services. With a paid subscription to the website, users can download the Match.com App for free with full functionality. This convenience means contacting potential dating candidates is always a touch screen away.
  4. Spin the Bottle: This fun dating app takes the classic party game into the digital age. Get together with friends and play spin the bottle as you never have before. This could finally be your chance to hook up with that old flame. One of the most fun and easily one of the best iPhone apps for dating.
  5. 69 Positions: If the spark is missing in your sex life, then shell out a nominal fee for this app and watch it come back to life. Featuring just what it promises, 69 sexual positions, you may be able to go a whole year without a repeat.
  6. Sex IQ: Is there enough chemistry there to connect? Find out with Sex IQ, the entry of best iPhone apps for dating that gives you and your partner a benchmark for compatibility.
  7. Get Any Girl: Structured as an online course for your iPhone, this app is more specific to men and women who prefer the fairer sex's companionship. Billing itself as "The Ultimate Pickup and Dating Guide," Get Any Girl asks a small fee for the wisdom that it imparts. It makes this list of best iPhone apps for dating because of its help with strategy rather than opportunity.
  8. Skout Dating: It never can hurt to have the tools you need to land that big date. Skout Dating offers you its full app with no charge to you. What have you got to lose?
  9. iDate – Dating for Singles: If you are single and looking, iDate – Dating for Singles is specifically designed for you. No matter what your sexual preferences are, you will find an app that welcomes and embraces you, and one that earns its spot on this list of best iPhone apps for dating.  
  10. CraigsPro: Craigslist may be free. This app is not. Nevertheless, you won't pay more than $2 for the opportunities that it provides. Not just with dating, but business, want ads, and virtually anything else you can think of. CraigsPro gives you the full functionality of Craigslist in a much easier to use format, making it not only one of the best iPhone apps for dating, but also one of the best iPhone apps, period.
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