10 Best iPhone Apps For Doctors

With over 1500 medical applications for your iPhone, you may have some difficulty finding the 10 best iPhone apps for doctors (or medical students). For instance, there are over 50 drug reference guide applications for your iPhone, do you think you're going to need all of them? That's only the beginning. Now you don't have to do all of the hard work thanks to this list. Out of the growing number of iPhone apps for doctors, here are the ten best ones.


  1. Medscape. This is the all-in-one exclusive iPhone application for doctors, featuring an large index of drug reference tools that are frequently updated, directories for pharmacies and physicians, mobile CME, and medical-related news that can be tailored to any specific specialty. Medscape is a completely free and easy-to-use iPhone application that lends a great helping hand when it comes to saving time and making decisions on the spot at the point of care.
  2. iAnatomy. Selling for a mere $0.99, iAnatomy makes for an extremely comprehensive anatomical diagram tool, which is why it is one of the best iPhone apps for doctors. This application has a strong focus on cross section anatomy and it's perfect for both medical students and professional doctors, the latter of which there is a quick refresher for. iAnatomy packs in more than 60 real cat scans of the pelvis, chest, and abdomen. The application even allows you to open up separate tabs for different views of the organ, blood vessel, bone, and so forth.
  3. EyeChart. Completely free, EyeChart is an iPhone app to help measure a patient's visual acuity. This is basically a pocket-size version of the classic Snellen eye chart that can prove to be extremely useful for determining rough visual acuity.
  4. Epocrates Rx. This is a drug reference guide that provides comprehensive details and monographs for over 3000 drugs, both generic and brand name. Information on dosing, interactions, pricing, adverse reactions, and pharmacology are also included in this neat iPhone application. Epocrates Rx is free and has been ranked as number one in the App store.
  5. PsychTerms. Mental health physicians can benefit greatly from PsychTerms which is another of the completely free iPhone apps for doctors that provides access to an impressive collection of over a thousand psychiatric and mental health terms, definitions, and phrases all of which are frequently used. Everything in PsychTerms is written with a direct style for quick and simple review.  
  6. STAT GrowthCharts Lite. Doctors who specialize in pediatrics will be quite satisfied with this free iPhone application. STAT GrowthCharts Lite has the capability of calculating hundreds of accurate Z scores and growth percentiles thanks to the updated CDC Growth Charts which include the Body Mass Index for age charts. This application can also calculate different blood pressure ranges based upon many medical factors.
  7. Pocket Lab Values. Selling for $2.99, Pocket Lab Values is an iPhone application that has been tailor-made for nurses, doctors, medical students, and among other medical staff members who work within a hospital. Pocket Value Labs is a unique lab test application that provides you with extremely fast and easy access to hundreds of lab values, both common and uncommon, and even goes as far as to provide you with reference links to sites like MedlinePlus, Wikipedia, and Google.  All of this functionality makes it another of the best iPhone apps for doctors.
  8. Orasphere. This is a great iPhone tool for dentistry doctors which provides plenty of dental education videos to help you save time. Orasphere is designed to reduce liability and help to increase patient case acceptance for the overall dental practice. Orasphere is completely free to purchase for your iPhone.
  9. The ECG Guide. This is the most detailed and comprehensive cardiology application for your iPhone. The ECG Guide costs $4.99 and contains plenty of up-to-date guidelines and information along with more than two hundred illustrated examples of both common and uncommon ECGs, all of which are displayed in high resolution settings. 
  10. MedCalc (Medical Calculator). MedCalc is one of the free medical calculator iPhone apps for doctors. MedCalc provides excellent access to a wide range of medical scores and formulas, detailing plenty of helpful information. The application even goes as far as to provide bibliographic references for every formula you're researching. 

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