10 Best iPhone Apps For Fashion

We have assembled a list of the 10 best iPhone apps for fashion. Why feature fashion when the iPhone has apps for everything from checking sports scores to helping you score with the ladies? Because scoring is so much easier when you step up your fashion game. Download these apps into your iPhone and you will have everything needed to become a sex-magnet fashionisto right at your fingertips. How very 007 of you–the "GQ" Sean Connery version, of course.

  1. "GQ Magazine." With articles like "The New Power Suit" and "The Best Boxer Alive," is it possible to be a fashionable gentlemen without "GQ"? We think not. Download the "GQ magazine" app and check out the latest issues and exclusive videos and access the "GQ" library.
  2. Sales Buddy. Why think about all the numbers when this iPhone app can do all the work? Sales Buddy keeps track of spending and even calculates all those multi-buy offers and discounts. Let the iPhone keep track of your savings while you worry if orange socks are really the best idea with that pink tie.
  3. Trendstop TrendTracker. Find the trend before it hits the stores like a true fashionisto. Created by the global trend forecasting team at trendstop.com, this iPhone app gives instant coverage of runway shows in London, New York, Milan and Paris. Search by city or designer for instant access to all things fashion with the Trendstop TrendTracker iPhone app.
  4. The Fashion Handbook. If you can walk the walk, you better talk to talk. The Fashion Handbook is the little black electronic book of fashion. This convenient iPhone app gives key terms and explains fashion's role in the context of art, entertainment and architecture. Don't leave home without it.
  5. Love It or Lose It. Need a second opinion? Love It or Lose It let's you send a picture of an outfit to an online community ready to give their honest feedback. Next time you are trying on a new outfit in front of the 360, send a picture before you commit.
  6. NIKEiD. A fashioisto can't get just any pair of kicks. Sport your own personal style with the NIKEiD iPhone app. Search color combination and add your own ID or graphics to a pair of customized Nikes.  Or take a picture of whatever inspires your creative energy and the PhotoID will create a unique color palette for you. A design consultant will even review your design to make sure you put the right fashionable foot forward.
  7. ShopStyle. This handy app brings the most fashionable stores and designers to your iPhone. With a whole section dedicated to men's fashion, find all the accessories, clothes and outerwear you didn't know you needed. This app is a must for comparison shopping–fashion addicts on the go.
  8. Target. Why would a self respecting man of fashion need a Target app you ask?  Because you can always use another pair of khakis. Target carries the basics without hurting the pocket book. Target's iPhone app gives info on available items in a particular store and gives department and aisle location. Roll in and roll out before you can say targé.
  9. Fashion ON AIR. Read all about it. Fashion ON AIR transforms your iPhone into a fashion information portal. Engross yourself in fashion with all the must-see news tips and clips in the palm of your hands.
  10. Amazon. Next time you spot the perfect blazer on someone else's back, don't just wonder where they got it. The Amazon iPhone app allows you to snap a picture of any item and send it to the Amazon experts. They will match up the find and send you an email alert when they have the item available. It's like having a personal shopper attached to your hip.
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