10 Best iPhone Apps For Finding Restaurants

The iPhone not only provides an excellent phone, but an excellent device as well. When you are hungry and need to find a place to eat, there are 10 best iPhone apps for finding restaurants that will get you where you want to go based on your choices.

  1. LocalEats. Costing only $0.99, this is one of the best iPhone apps for finding restaurants because it not only shows you local restaurants, but only the top 100. This feature enables you to choose between those restaurants that are known to be the best.
  2. Urbanspoon. One of the best iPhone apps for finding restaurants, it is also one of the best cheap iPhone apps. Offering a virtual slot machine in which you choose the price range, type, and category of food you want within a specific locality, shake, and you are presented with a random choice.
  3. Where To. This app costs $2.99 but is well worth it, making its way to one of the best iPhone apps for finding restaurants. Wherever you are, you can search various categories to find restaurants according to your specifications.
  4. Yelp. A simple to use and free app, Yelp is one of the best iPhone apps for finding restaurants with a large database and easy to understand rating system. This app will find any restaurant from small to large and offer a ranking for each.
  5. Local Picks. An app from TripAdvisor, you can quickly use this one to find the restaurant that you wish to go to based on price and category. It also provide Google integrated maps for directions and a phone number to call.
  6. VegOut. A complete vegetarian restaurant guide, this app can help those of you seeking the restaurants that feature a vegetarian menu. This can be helpful in getting somewhere that serves both when you are out with a meat-eater, placing it as one of the top best iPhone apps for finding restaurants.
  7. OpenTable. A free app, compelling you further, this app searches for available reservations within a specific locality. This is great for those larger parties when you are seeking a last minute table or a table in advance.
  8. Where. Another free app, this one integrates Yelp with Starbucks offering the best guide to find coffee and food wherever you are. Also integrated with GasBuddy, you can find the cheapest gas at the same time.
  9. iWant. A free app that works like to navigate you to the restaurant of your choice, this one is very simple to use. There are several listings, however, some users complain about the variety of listings under specific categories.
  10. Nearby. For a free app, this one serves a functional purpose. Wherever you may be, this app will pick up restaurants as well as other places around you, including various types of information and photos.

The best iPhone apps for finding restaurants take the time and guessing out of finding a great bite to eat wherever you may be. What makes them the best iPhone apps for finding restaurants is the simplicity and effectiveness of your search, not to mention the low to no cost.

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