10 Best iPhone Apps For Geeks

With the iPhone craze sweeping the world, there is an app for everyone, and the ten best iPhone apps for geeks is a list to please the nerd in your life. Although often iPhone apps are geared to making life easier, even geeks need fun, and these apps show how the iPhone isn't ignoring their nerdy facet.

  1. EBay. An app for the geek who collects or sells their "action figures" or other geeky merchandise, the eBay app is essential. It allows you to keep track of auctions, bid, or send messages on the go, ensuring you never miss an auction again.
  2. EReader. This app is free, something every geek loves, and works the same as a Kindle does. It even remembers your page, so you don't have to go flipping through a book again! Perfect for the on-the-go reader.
  3. Facebook. Even geeks need to check Facebook, if only to let the world know of their geek life. The Facebook app allows you to post on walls, update your status, post and tag pictures.
  4. Jott. This app lets you record notes to yourself and play them back. Then again, in a geek's hands this could be used to record obscure movie quotes and reminders of your online meet-up later.
  5. Pandora. Even geeks love music, and this free app is more than just a radio. You can input a song or artist you like, and Pandora will craft a station just for you based on similarities from that song or group. So you can have a whole station of instrumental fight songs or smooth acoustic ballads.
  6. FAIL maker. A perfect app for geeks who know what pwn, fail, and ftw means, this app allows you to take a picture and add the classic "fail" or "win" icon to it. You can then share it with a community of like minded people.
  7. World 9. For those who just wish they could be Mario, or at least sound like him. This app recreates the sound effects from the old Nintendo classic when you move. So jump up and down and people will be wondering where those familiar "bloop bloop" noises are coming from. Great for the nostalgic geek.
  8. Rim Shot and Crickets. To continue with the sound effects, this free app allows you to play, you guessed it, a rim shot sound or crickets. Every geek loves interrupting an awkward moment or a corny joke, and this way you can do it in style.
  9. Star Map. This app allows you to have a planetarium in your hands. It will use the GPS locator in your phone to show you what stars and planets are above you at the time. Great for science geeks.
  10. Molecules. This app allows you to view different molecules in 3D. It may not sound very thrilling, but to a science geek it's like having power in the palm of your hand. Just imagine all those chemical compounds you can view, and the multi syllabic diagrams you'll be able to produce on command.
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