10 Best iPhone Apps For Hiking

When it comes to the 10 best iPhone apps for hiking, there are many to choose from.  When spending time outdoors there are many useful tools to utilize.

  1. Flashlight. If you are hiking and night falls, or you need to get a better look at something, use this app for some light. This app also displays red (for stargazing), green, black, blue, or a custom color. These colors can also be brightened or dimmed.
  2. Knots, Splices, and Ropework. If there ever comes a time in hiking when you need to tie some type of knot, this app will give directions to 154 knots and splices.
  3. iMapMyFitness. This app will allow you to access a social networking site where you can upload and write about your hikes as well as read about other people's experiences.
  4. Motion-X GPS Lite. This is another of the best iPhone apps for hiking allows the user to plot your hike, set way points, and plot your pace.
  5. Trails. This app will help you to track routes and way points, and allow you to view satellite views of the road or topography.
  6. AccuWeather. This great example of the best iPhone apps for hiking will allow you to know what the weather will be for your excursion. View video reports, special weather alarms, and access National Weather Service alerts.
  7. MyNature Animal Tracks.  This is a very useful addition to the list of the best iPhone apps for hiking. It allows you to search a database of animal prints as you find them on your trail. Search based on track size and shape, with seven different search categories. It will give a description of the animal, a clip of each animal's sounds, and a journal to record the location you viewed the tracks.
  8. RunKeeper. This is an interesting example of the best iPhone apps for hiking. It allows you to track where you hike through GPS, and it will make note of your speed, calories burned, elevation, and distance. This app will allow you to store all your fitness history as well as share your results with people.
  9. Big Air Software Park Maps. This app has GPS maps for over 250 national parks, monuments, and other recreational areas. These maps will display hiking trails, restrooms, and points of interest.
  10. Survival Pocket Reference. This app is a great tool to have with anyone who spends time in the wilderness. It is a reference for many different guides on survival, and first aid.

These 10 best iPhone apps for hiking are great tools to use on your excursions. You should always be aware of your surroundings, know the weather, and have survival information just in case the unexpected happens.

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