10 Best iPhone Apps For Hipsters

If you’re looking for the 10 best iPhone apps for hipsters, here are some amazing applications to help you eat, drink, listen, ride, and more in the hippest ways possible.

  1. Near+Now Near+Now is one of the best iPhone apps for hipster who know how to have a good night on the town. With all the nearest locations to get fed, intoxicated, caffeinated, or entertained, this app is like a key unlocking hipster heaven.
  2. Daytrotter The Horseshack Studios in Rock Island, Illinois sees visits from some of the country’s most promising indie bands.  The bands stop by, record a few songs, and get back on the road on their way to stardom. Now, the entire collection of recordings is available for free on your iPhone or iPod touch with this app. With exclusive performances by Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Spoon, and more, how could this not be one of the best iPhone apps for hipsters?
  3. BandNamer The hottest indie bands seem to have more and more nonsensical names every day. So, one of the best iPhone apps for musically-inclined hipsters is the BandNamer rock band name generator. Offering up gems of irony like The Fluffy Bumbling Cabbage and The Fabulous Broken Burgers, this app is a veritable slot machine of hipster fun. You have to wonder if the Moldy Peaches had this app ten years ago.
  4. NPR Mobile There’s not better way to get socially-conscious, unbiased news than NPR’s first iPhone app. You’ll get access to load of programs and news, as well as a local station finder to keep your radio in the loop.
  5. BrakeLights Who doesn’t love a good fixed gear bicycle? One of the best iPhone apps for hipsters with fixies is BrakeLights. Just strap it to your backpack and it will use your iPhone’s accelerometer to detect when you’re slowing down and flash bright red lights or the word “Stop” on the screen.  Hipsters need to be safe, too!
  6. CycleMeter Speaking of cycling, check out Cycle Meter. You’ll get an easy-to-read display of your current speed, average speed, distance traveled, and time riding. It could also be used for running, but how can hipsters run in skinny jeans and high tops?
  7. Brushes The best iPhone app for hipsters who love to show off their artistic side is Brushes.  It turns your iPhone into a virtual canvas and lets you paint away with the touch of a finger.  A true hipster will particularly enjoy painting pictures of zebras with sunglasses or depressing memorials to Elliott Smith.   
  8. Rimshot Pro What do hipster love more than vintage vinyl? Hipster jokes! One of the best iPhone apps for the humorous hipster is Rimshot Pro.  It will give the perfect backup to all your best jokes, recorded in hi-fi to satisfy your audiophile tendencies. 
  9. 800+ Best Pick Up Lines Hipsters need hook-ups so 800+ Best Pick Up Lines gives them the goods. With quite the plethora of seductive and humorous ice breakers, you’ll be able to walk the fine line between charming and creepy whenever you like.
  10. PBRmeASAP Hipsters can never be too far from their drink of choice, Pabst Blue Ribbon. This app gives you a birds-eye view of every bar in town that sells PBR. Keeping even the most-directionally challenged well inebriated, it wins the prize for best iPhone app for hipsters with a drinking problem.
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