10 Best iPhone Apps For International Travel

The iPhone makes for a great travel companion with numerous applications to aid travelers with making their trips abroad go smoother, here are the 10 best iPhone apps for international travel.

  1. Trip It! (free) this app allows your iPhone to become your personal assistant. Simply email your itinerary to plans@tripit.com and you will always have your travel plans with you. If you lose your passport Trip It will make it easy to prove who you are and where you are going, which makes this an excellent backup and app for international travel.

  2. iRail European Rail Timetables ($2.99) When traveling to Europe many people use the expansive and sometimes confusing European Rail System to bounce around from country to country. This app will help you plan your route for train trips from your iPhone. Just enter the departure and destination stops and iRail will display the times of the next couple of train services to take you to your destination within in the UK and Europe.

  3. World Customs & Cultures (free) Would you like to know if it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore, before you arrive? Did you know that shaking your head up and down in Bulgaria actually shows disapproval? This app is essential for international travel, especially for people traveling to countries with strict laws and customs.

  4. Loneley Planet Phrasebooks ($9.99) If you never want to feel left out again in a foreign country, these phrase books converted to iPhone apps for international travel are created individually for many countries in the world and contain up to and sometimes over 500 local phrases.

  5. Currency Converter (free) Forget keeping up with changing exchange rates, this app provides current and up-to-date exchange rates for over 100 countries and currencies. This iPhone app perfect for international travel or anytime you need to calculate exchange rates.

  6. Language Translator (free) Not sure if that recipe contains chicken or octopus? This free iPhone app allows you to translate words, phrases, even whole paragraphs on the fly and even determine the source language.

  7. Next Flight ($2.99) Flight schedules can be crazy and getting bumped or having a flight canceled can be even crazier and much more difficult to deal with abroad. This iPhone app suited for international travel tracks scheduled departures from over 4,000 airports and 1,000 airlines and allows you to filter results by carrier, so you can stay ahead of flight issues.

  8. Wi-Fi Finder (free) Rates for transferring data internationally can be costly, but this app tracks over 200,000 hotspots in 135 countries so you can connect for free or at a much lower rate, which is perfect for staying in touch while traveling internationally, especially if you use Skype.

  9. Skype (free) Nix high international travel costs, or make them cheaply, by using Wi-Fi networks to make calls with this iPhone app appropriate for international travel.

  10. IamHere ($0.99) Show your friends and family exactly where you are in the world with this app, which sends an email with a Google map link to your location.


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