10 Best iPhone Apps For IT Professionals

Apple provides the 10 best iPhone apps for IT professionals, making iPhone the most valuable and highly desirable cell phone to own. Packed with powerful features, IT professionals enjoy better flexibility and convenience of keeping in touch with technology with such a handy and tech savvy smart phone. IPhone apps give users the chance to be closer with information technology by being a phone, an iPod and an internet handy device in one.

  1. The AP Mobile iPhone app allows users to be abreast of the latest news worldwide. You can download comprehensive news networks where users can personalize the kind of news they want to watch. AP Mobile has a news desk that compiles the world’s biggest headlines to view in just a touch of the screen.
  2. IT Professionals can be informed on the latest wired products and digital gadgets with the All Things Digital Application. This application gives informative news and updates with product reviews on the latest digital devices in the market.
  3. The Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) iPhone app updates users on the latest TED conferences. This feature allows iPhone users to keep track of the latest information from their favorite talks and conferences on various topics that matter to the community. This is a highly educational and informative iPhone app to enjoy.
  4. IT professionals get the opportunity to purchase thousands of electronic books (eBook) from Stanza. Stanza gives the fun of browsing almost 50,000 book titles and new releases for various subjects with information technology as one of them. This application is free to enjoy with your iPhone.
  5. The Public Radio Player iPhone app can keep an iPhone user abreast with the local news when on the go. Be informed anytime of the day anywhere you go. With your iPhone with you, you are sure to know the latest news.
  6. BossTool allows IT users to manage their phone applications better. Once the iPhone runs out of space to store applications, this tool will automatically move some applications to a different media. It gives more convenience in maximizing storage for iPhone applications without doing it manually.
  7. The VNSea app connects IT people and the information filed on their computer. The VNSea app allows users to control their computer from their mobile device. This app allow access to files stored in the computer through the iPhone. A complementary application to the VNsea iPhone apps is the TouchPad Pro. Users can control the computer’s mouse cursor directly from their iPhone screen.
  8. The Apollo is the native instant messenger application for iPhone. This is the most frequently downloaded iPhone app not only by IT professionals but all iPhone users.
  9. Vlingo, a powerful voice note app for iPhone, helps IT users to remember important information and engagements. You can record brief messages through this iPhone feature with great convenience and ease.
  10. The Categories app is best for IT professionals who keep a lot of applications on their iPhone. This feature gives users more control to organize the different applications on their phone with a set of categories.
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