10 Best iPhone Apps For Learning Spanish

Brush up on your Espanol with these 10 best iPhone apps for learning Spanish. If you're planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, it's a good idea to have a decent understand of the language before you arrive. Learning Spanish will make sure that you know how to ask to use the restroom without ending up in the ladies room and, keep you from getting punched in the face for accidently asking someone "how much is your daughter?" when you meant to say "how much for a burrito?". The good people at Apple have developed tons of apps that can help you learn Spanish on your iPhone. Most of the iPhone apps for learning Spanish use a combination of recorded words and phrases, flashcards and games to help you commit words to memory and work on your pronunciation. Even if the iPhone apps for learning Spanish don't turn you into a fluent Spanish speaker, they should teach you enough to keep you out of trouble.

  1. Byki Spanish is an iPhone app that help you with learning Spanish through memorization. The app gives a series of words each day to memorize, then tests your knowledge with flashcards and quizzes. It also includes voice lessons to help with your pronunciation.
  2. English-Spanish Translator Phrasebook focuses on teaching you phrases that come in handy for everyday life. While this iPhone app may not help you learn fluent in Spanish, it will make sure that you know what you're ordering in a restaurant.
  3. MyWords-Spanish is another iPhone app that teaches you Spanish through memorization. Everyday the app will ask you to memorize ten Spanish words and test your knowledge with quizzes.
  4. iSpeak Spanish uses a more traditional to help you learn Spanish. The iPhone app relies on your listening to a series of recorded native Spanish speakers to teach you words, phrases and pronunciation. We imagine that using this iPhone app to learn Spanish will feel a lot like sitting in 7th grade Spanish.
  5. Wordpower Spanish focuses on teaching you one Spanish word per day. Making sure that you have the correct pronunciation and understanding of the word before moving you onto the next days word. This iPhone app uses the standard combination of recorded native Spanish speakers, flashcards and quizzes to test you knowledge as you move along.
  6. Free Spanish Tutor relies more on interactive games and quizzes to help you learn Spanish. This iPhone app may not make you fluent in Spanish, but it will give you a good foundation for more advanced lessons later on.
  7. Pocket Spanish Beginner works exactly like the taped Spanish lessons of yore. You learn Spanish by listening to recorded native Spanish speakers and committing the words and phrases to memory. This iPhone app also has a voice recorder so you can test your pronunciation.
  8. Spanish 101 another of the iPhone apps helps you learn Spanish through a combination of recorded words and phrases, games and flashcards. It's brief introduction into how Spanish grammar works makes it one of the more worth while iPhone apps for leaning Spanish.
  9. Spanish Anywhere is an iPhone app that helps you learn how to speak and read Spanish. It's also loaded with a quick dictionary of common phrases and greetings that are helpful for daily life. 
  10. Spanish Class is a five week training app to help you learn Spanish. In addition to voice lessons, this app also includes video lessons to help with your pronunciation. We like to think of this iPhone app for learning Spanish like boot camp en Espanol.

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