10 Best iPhone Apps For London

Curious about the 10 best iPhone apps for London? The iPhone can fundamentally change the way you travel. Check out these iPhone apps if you find yourself traveling to London on business or for vacation.

  1. UrbanSpoon. London has an array of international cuisine, from Indian takeaway to the traditional fish and chips. With the UrbanSpoon app, shake your iPhone and it will local the restaurants around you. If you don't like what you see, shake until you find something you want to try. This app is free, so spend the money you saved to treat yourself to a pint.
  2. TripIt. Don't stress over the organization of your trip, with the TripIt app you can put your itinerary in your phone no matter where you booked your travel. If you are a frequent flyer and can't remember your number off hand, no worries; it's all stored on TripIt with your itinerary. This app is a travel must-have, and it's free. 
  3. Quirky London. If traveling off the beaten track is your desire, the Quirky London app is for you. This app will guide you around London like a true Londoner, with maps and images leading to the secret spots of Great Britain. Skip the tourist hot spots, bad food and rip-off pints and experience London from a different view.
  4. London Tube. The London Tube app is precisely what its name implies. This app has detailed maps of most London tube lines, with zones included. A new feature (only available for Apple iPhone 3GS users) shows the nearest stations and POI. With exact locations highlighted with a red dot, an interactive map and the best routes for you, this app will breeze you through the London tube. Available in English, Spanish, French and Japanese.
  5. London 2go. The London 2go app provides you with high-quality, zoom-able maps of the whole city. This app also provides you with an in-depth look at London's treasures, with trivia, data and historical information. Find clubs, hotels, street names and restaurants with this app.
  6. MoMPF Currency Converter. With the MoMPF Currency Converter you can save money by not roaming international on your phone's internet. Need to find out how much money to withdraw out of the ATM? Simply enter in the amount you need and it will calculate the currency conversion. Download more than 30 currencies to your phone and save them for later use. More options include convert-as-you-type and daily updates of exchange rates.
  7. Traverter. In London, clothing sizes, shoes sizes, international codes and weight are measured differently. With the Traverter app you can easily convert 35 currencies, clothing sizes, temperature, speed, distance, gas and weight.
  8. Have2P. You can't always predict when you have to go. With the Have2P app you can find the nearest restroom to you, which one is the cleanest, which has a changing table and which is patron-friendly. It will also tell you which businesses you are not welcome at to save you time.
  9. Flashlight. The flashlight app will light up your iPhone screen with a bright white light. You can customize colors and effects you'd like and dim the light by flicking down.
  10. Free & Budget London. Who doesn't love free things? With this easy-to-navigate app you can find some of London's best without blowing your budget. This app covers a wide range of London neighborhoods with tips on how to find the hidden gems of London. Looking for a Hindu temple? Simply sort the listings into categories and find what you are looking for. This app has everything, including live gigs, cheap eats, free museums and  shopping bargains. You'll find that this is one of the best apps for saving money and feeling like a true Londoner yourself.
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