10 Best iPhone Apps For Nurses

Being a nurse practitioner is a demanding profession and, these 10 best iPhone apps for nurses have been solely created for this demanding, yet, rewarding career. The clever apps are fitting to a nurse's professional and lifelstyle requirements. Make a wise investment in your career with these 10 best iPhone apps for Nurses.

  1. Nursing Central. This iPhone app is the complete mobile solution for nursing professionals offering things from drug and test information to premier disease information.
  2. Bishop's Score Calc.  Used to access the probability of a delivery, this obstetric calculator gives the expected success rate of inducing labor.
  3. BioDictionary. Search for audible explanation of most general biological terms with this portable medical database.
  4. A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator. Quickly find out what to do about any symptom with this self care intended iPhone app which is also convenient for Nurses.
  5. Epocrates Rx. This formula drug guide and interaction checker lets you find info without a wireless connection. The iPhone app includes medical news and free updates.
  6. ReachMD. This easy to use iPhone app is a fully accredited Continuing Education tool which gives a convenient way to earn free CME credits through their iPhone.
  7. Glucose Charter. Used to self monitor blood glucose levels, nurses can use the app to check patients with their iPhone.
  8. iChart. This personal medical assistant iPhone app stores everything a nurse needs to know from patient data to medication and data charts in a streamlined fashion.
  9. iAnesthesia. CaseLogs. Anesthesia  providers can now efficiently create, backup and manage case logs in the operating room with this iPhone app, allowing for more free time outside of work.
  10. In Case of Emergency. Off site nurses will appreciate this iPhone app that instantly provides emergency service contact information wherever they are stationed.

Warning: Most of the iPhone apps listed are not free and require wireless networks to use. However, considering the cost of the devices you might need to simulate these apps, they are often worth the investment.

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