10 Best iPhone Apps For Organization

Everyone has their reasons for using an iPhone, but everyone needs to check out these 10 best iPhone apps for organization. Not matter what your wants, needs, and desires are, we have a list of iPhone apps for organization are sure give even the least technical of the group something to text about.

  1. Remember the Milk. Remember the Milk is a free iPhone app for organization that is based on the website of the same name. Bring your “To-Do” list to life with features such as keys, tasks, actions, search, notes, locations, and reminders. App allows user to switch to landscape mode for easier reading and typing.
  2. Phone Book. Phone Book is one of the easiest  iPhone apps for organization because it gives its users the ability to bring together iPhone phone contacts and Facebook contacts by syncing. Contacts are combined in one phone book with the ability to add contacts as needed. 
  3. Evernote. Evernote gives users the ability to remember any and every little thing that one might need. A user can write notes, take snapshots, and even do recordings. App allows users the ability to sync with Mac or Windows. Evernote is known for its geo-mapping feature for location and search. The app is free for use.
  4. Checklist. For a mere 99 cents users can download this iPhone app for organization and feel the nostalgia of the hand written check list. Well, maybe not. But it is pretty simple, easy, and useful. Take a minute to make a list of the tasks you need to complete throughout the day. Check them off as you go. Simple. Clean.
  5. iTimeSheetLite. According to Apple, iTimeSheetLite is the most popular timesheet app on iTunes. When you work life is always on the move, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the hours spend on certain projects. This program allows you to record your activity in less than three minutes and keep track of the time spend on it. This iPhone app for organization makes it much easier when it comes time to bill clients. The lite version is free, or users can upgrade to the full program for $5.99.
  6. eWallet – Those seeking a password manager should look in to eWallet. For $9.99, this app has password management with 256-bit AES encryption. Users also have the ability to sync their information with their PCs. With eWallet users can store passwords, PIN numbers,  bank account numbers and information, credit card information, user names, and insurance information, just to name a few. eWallet also offers a free lite version which is limited to ten stored cards.
  7. LockBox – A free and extremely useful alternative to eWallet is LockBox. LockBox will let its user store their information as well as protect it. Users can store their notes, passwords, bank account numbers, credit cards, PINS and other private data. The data is encrypted and users can protect data with an additional custom created code. LockBox also offers Pro versions for $2.99, there are no ads and allows users to import/export data, had stronger security and is much more flexible.
  8. FileMagnet. FileMagnet turns your iPhone into a portable storage drive. This is especially useful for those seeing iPhone apps for organization. For $4.99 users can copy PDF, Word, iWork, and RTF files from their computer and view them on the iPhone without being connected to the Internet. Transferring files is easy through a downloadable program. Just click and sync. There is also an email button for sharing as well as a password protection option.
  9. Organizer:ToDo+Calendar+Lists. One of the best iPhone apps for organization is Organizer:ToDo+Calendar+Lists. It offers users three in one organization at a price that just can not be beat! It’s 100% free! This handy app gives users unlimited to do lists, unlimited grocery lists, and a calendar.
  10. WorldCard Contacts. WorldCard Contacts is the perfect organizational tool for those in business. Quite simply for $1.99 users have a place to store all their business contacts with images of their business cards. Features include the ability to call the contact, or the business. Users can also sort contacts and make lists/groups.
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