10 Best iPhone Apps For Outdoors

The following 10 best iPhone apps for outdoors are essential for those who enjoy being outside. From bird watchers to snow boarders, these iPhone apps for the outdoors will make your excursions even more enjoyable.

  1. iBird Explorer Backyard. Great for any bird watchers or people who see an interesting bird and want to know what kind it is. This iPhone application has sample clips of what each bird sounds like as well as a detailed description and picture of each bird.
  2. Birdpost. This app is one of the best iPhone apps for outdoors, especially for bird watchers. This app allows users to report bird sightings that they witness into a satellite map. You are also able to view all postings from other users.
  3. Butterfly Collection. This app has a huge library of butterflies from all over the word that you can scroll through to find the butterfly in front of you.
  4. Surf Report. This is included in the best iPhone apps for outdoors because it is a great tool for surfers. This app will allow the user to check on the surf height, swell direction and tide. This app also displays a two-day forecast. This priceless tool is essential for any surfer.
  5. Snow Reports. This app is great for anyone thinking of hitting the slopes. It will display 24, 48 and 72 hour snowfall for mountains and lets you know when trails are open or closed at over 2,000 resorts all over the world.
  6. MotionX GPS. This app made it on the best iPhone apps for outdoors list because it applies to such a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as skiing, sailing and hiking. This app will track your position regardless of where you are in the world. You can record your speed and even take pictures of your adventures and post them. You will never get lost again.
  7. Star Walk. This app is a must-have for stargazers. It allows you to see astronomical events from the past or events that will occur in the future. This app will also allow you to see a detailed view of the stars above you at any given time.
  8. Moon Phase. This app allows the user to do similar things in relation to the moon as Star Walk allows you to do with stars. This app will display lunar facts such as when the moon will rise and set based on your GPS location.
  9. Panorama. This app is a great addition for any outdoors person. This app allows you to create 360 degree images by connecting several photos together.
  10. iNavX. This app makes it on the list of the best iPhone apps for the outdoors because it is essential for sailors. This app puts a NOAA RNC U.S. waters marine chart in your hands. This app will also plot your position in real time.

If you love the outdoors, these 10 best iPhone apps for outdoors are a great addition to your iPhone. Make your excursions even more exciting with these essential iPhone apps.


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