10 Best iPhone Apps For Road Trips

If you have an iPhone and you're planning a road trip, you may want to know about the ten best iPhone apps for road trips. Whether you're planning to travel 30 miles or 3,000, these neat iPhone applications will come in handy at one point or another. No matter where you are on the road, you're going to have to keep up on the weather, news, find places to eat, and check maps. With these iPhone apps, you can do all of that and much more.

  1. ZIPCodes. Have you ever gotten lost in an area where your GPS has little to no reception? That's where ZIPCodes comes in. This neat little iPhone application accomplishes what it sets out to do by providing you with a zip code. Regardless of whether you have GPS reception or not, ZIPCodes is a very beneficial application that will help you during road trips.
  2. Roadtrippr.  Roadtrippr is a great application that provides you access to a database where you can pinpoint various places of interest in your area to visit. When it comes to road trips, Roadtrippr is a definite must-have for your iPhone.
  3. Where. Looking for a rest stop? A gas station perhaps? Or maybe the nearest restaurant? That's the whole purpose of this app, to find out where things are.
  4. Weatherbug. If you're out on the road, then the weather should definitely be one of your main concerns. Weatherbug is a definite necessity for your iPhone in this respect. This iPhone application will provide you with updated current temperatures, wind speed and direction, radar maps, forecasts, and active alerts. You never know when a storm might hit during your road trip.
  5. Shazam. If you love music, then Shazam is your friend. Shazam is an iPhone application that identifies music after listening to it for you. If you plan on driving through different regions during your road trip, music stations can tend to be pretty diverse in some cases. Therefore, Shazam is perfect in helping you identify whichever song it is that you don't recognize.
  6. BoxOffice. BoxOffice is an iPhone tool that sure knows its movies. This cool application will allow you to check showtimes and movie listings if you plan on catching a movie during your road trip. You may even purchase the tickets as long as the theater supports it. 
  7. Yelp. This is the ideal iPhone application for reviews and social networking while on the go. Yelp is a social network with a focus on popular reviews. This application pinpoints your exact current location and provides you with reviews of restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and among other places of interest in the nearby area.
  8. Road Trip. Taking the title of this iPhone application into consideration, how can you leave home without it? Road Trip is one of the most comprehensive iPhone applications for road trips. It will provide you with fuel pricing, tracking of mileage, and graphed trip expenses to name a few.
  9. Tweetie. It's Twitter on the go! Tweetie is a cool iPhone application for all the Twitter addicts out there. With this application, you can keep all of your friends and family up to date during your road trip as well as get their latest scoops as well.
  10. Flashlight. This iPhone application may come in handy during your road trip while traveling after dark. In the event that you've stopped in your car and you need to find something but your interior lights aren't working, then Flashlight turns your iPhone into a full-blown flashlight, complete with color options. 
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