10 Best iPhone Apps For Runners

Keep track of your running progress with these 10 Best iPhone apps for runners. Whether you are running for fitness or for fun, being able to keep track of your progress is important. Runners used to have to buy different equipment to keep track of their heart-rate, speed, time and calories burned; and if you wanted to keep track of your miles or find a more challenging course to run you had to try to figure it out on your own. That was all before the invention of the magical iPhone, the iPhone app store has tons of applications that are designed to help runners keep track of their progress all in one place, on your iPhone. All of the iPhone apps for runners share the same basic features, they keep track of the times and the distance you've run. The more advanced iPhone apps for runners can help you track calories burned on your run, help you find new running spots and marathons. No matter how simple or advanced, all of the iPhone apps for runners have features that will keep your runs on track. 

  1. Fit-Nio- Calculates and stores your run time, calories burned, and distance run. This iPhone app even has an emergency contact feature so you can get help quickly if something goes wrong while you're running. While the emergency contact feature is a good idea, we're thinking the only emergency we will be using it for is for a ride home when we are tired of running.
  2. Runkeeper- An iPhone app for runners that stores your pace, speed and maps of your run. You can also share your runs with your friends. 
  3. Trail Guru- Keeps track of your distance and speed, then allows you to compare your progress over time. This is also the only iPhone app for runners that keeps track of how many breaks you've taken during your run and how long they were. Nothing like an iPhone app that can tell you what a lazy runner you are and how long you were being lazy.
  4. Runcalc- This iPhone app for runners calculates your pace and speed after you enter the time and distance of your run.
  5. Can Do 26.2– If you're looking for a challenging run, this iPhone app for runners will give you the dates and locations of any marathons in your area and all over the U.S. You can use the app to register for marathons and it will tell which marathons are Boston Marathon qualifiers.
  6. Distance Meter Pro- This iPhone app will track a runners speed, distance, miles and location using a GPS based tracking system. With this iPhone app for  runners, even when you think you're running alone, you're really not.
  7. Aerobic View- An iPhone app that allows you to track over 40 attributes of your run. Not limited to just tracking your distance and speed, this iPhone app for runners can keep track of your heart-rate and the calories you burned while running.
  8. iMapmyrun- A runners app for iPhone that gives you real time tracking of your time, distance and speed. And if you really want to brag about your run, this app lets you post the results of your run on Twitter. 
  9. Run Chart- A customizable iPhone app for runners that gives you the ability to customize your route and your times. It's also a music friendly iPhone app, so checking your results won't interfere with your music.
  10. Tri-Calc- Enter the time, pace and distance of your run into this runners iPhone app and it will help you track your progress over time. This is a good app for runners who are working towards a goal and need to see where they need improvement.
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