10 Best Irish Beers

The 10 best Irish beers are part of a long history. Ireland has long been known for it's lagers and stouts. From the famous Irish pubs to the drinking songs created for singing during consumption, beer is a big part of Irish history. Some of the best Irish beers have never been exported to the United States, or other countries, but maintain a large following in Ireland for their taste, alcohol content and tradition. When consuming these delights, always adhere to the laws of the land and be responsible. Never drive or operate other machinery after consumption.

  1. Beamish Stout. The number one beer in Ireland for almost 100 years, Beamish Stout gets the first stop on the list of best Irish beers. The full body taste hints of chocolate and coffee.
  2. Guinness Draught. The most popular Irish beer in the United States. Guinness Draught makes the list for best Irish beers for it's ability to move out of the pubs and into house parties around the world.
  3. Guinness Extra Stout. The second entry from Guinness on the list of best Irish beers, the extra stout has not shared in the popularity of it's counterpart. The beer offers a strong coffee taste for the drinker.
  4. Murphy's Irish Stout. The undistinguishable taste of Murphy's places it on the list of best Irish beers. It's a mix of coffee, mocha and chocolate flavors.
  5. O'Hara's Celtic Stout. This mocha flavored item makes the list of best Irish beers. O'Hara's is known for it's strong taste without the bitterness.
  6. Harp Lager.  Harp's make the list of best Irish beers for it's smooth taste. Harp has enjoyed popularity outside of Ireland in certain areas of the United States.
  7. Kinsale Irish Lager. In production since 1703, Kinsale makes the list of best Irish beers. The beer is regularly imported to the United States and typically available in the New England regions.
  8. Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale. The mixture of sweet fruit blended with a bitter after taste places this one on the list of best Irish beer. Outside of Ireland, this one is typically only found at pubs claiming Irish atmosphere.
  9. Murphy's Irish Red. This crisp and super carbonated red makes the list of best Irish beers. For the lover of a large head on a glass of beer, this is the proper choice.
  10. Smithwick's Irish Ale. Hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland, Smithwick's is the final entry on the list of best Irish beers. The red ale boasts a slight caramel taste.
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