10 Best Irish Party Songs

If you are planning an Irish themed event you will want to make sure you include the 10 best Irish party songs in your musical ensemble. Music is an inspiration to the soul and choosing the right mix of Irish Party Songs will help make your event a success. Here are the 10 Best Irish Party songs and you will want to include them.

  1. “Black Velvet Band” This song has several versions but they all tell the story of a young man led astray by a colleen. He winds up getting into trouble and is sent to a penal colony in Australia. The tune is usually sung in a light, comical form.
  2. “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” This song was written by Jack Judge in 1912 and tells the story of an Irishman living in London and leaving to go back to Tipperary. The tune was used as a marching song during World War I.
  3. 40 Shades of Green”  This lovely tune was written by American music icon Johnny Cash. The song reminiscences about places and sights in Ireland; the singer fondly recalls a girl from Tipperary town.
  4. “The Wild Colonial Boy” This ballad has several versions and has been recorded by a number of artists. The song tells the story of a young Irish lad who immigrates to Australia. The “Wild Colonial Boy” becomes a 19th century version of Robin Hood; the song ends with the lad being shot by the authorities.
  5. “McNamara’s Band” This lighthearted Irish-American jingle was made popular when Bing Crosby recorded the song in the 1940’s. The tune tells the tale of McNamara’s band; they play at wakes, weddings and just about every kind of event. The song colorfully speaks of some of the band members, including Uncle Julius, the one Swede in the Irish marching band.
  6. “The Rising of the Moon” This Irish ballad was written by poet John Keegan Casey and is a call for Irish patriots to assemble during the rebellion of 1798. This song is symbolic of Ireland’s struggle for Independence and has remained popular since it was first published in 1866.
  7. “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” This Irish-American tune was written by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff and first published in 1912. The song transforms a tear into the beauty and radiance of a smile.
  8. “On the One Road” This lovely song penned by Francis O’Donovan is about Irish unity; it calls for Irishmen from all over the Emerald Isle and from all walks of life to stand together.
  9. “Danny Boy” This well known song written by Frederick Weatherly is an Irish classic. The song is the story of a father saying farewell to a son who is going off to war. The elderly father hopes to see his son again but asks that should he pass away before his son’s return that Danny says a prayer for him.
  10. “God Save Ireland” This patriotic tune is about the hanging of three Irish Nationalists by the English. The song deals with how these heroes faced tyranny and their noble last words, “God Save Ireland.”

Have a great party and enjoy the music!

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