10 Best Italian Female Singers

Researching to discover the ten best Italian female singers? There are many talented artists who have unbelievable tone and pitch. These ten female artist top the charts because of their angelic voices and extreme crowd appeal. These household names offer a wide sample of the dazzling sound that Italian music offers.

  1. Mina. It is a very strong argument that Mina is the best Italian female singer of all time. Mina who was born Anna Maria Mazzini is one of the most famous voices in Italian music. She has dominated the charts for the past forty years. She still continues to produce chart topping hits even after retirement.
  2. Ana Oxa. This beautiful singer burst onto the scene at age sixteen. It was then that she took second place in the Sanremo Music Festival. Born Illiriana Hoxhas this native of Bari Italy had a voice that immediately gained fans. She subsequently won the Sanremo music festival in 1989 and again in 1999.
  3. Sophia Loren. Many people do not associate this screen siren with music,yet this mult-talented actress also had a very successful music career. While she recorded several songs throughout her career, one of the most popular is “Peter and Sophia” this comedy album garnered much acclaim. This multi-talented actress is a great example of the ten best Italian female singers.
  4. Alice. This Italian female superstar singer and songwriter has topped the charts in Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan. She has mastered multiple genres of music including pop, rock, classical, and more. Born Carla Vissi in Forfi-Cessana Italy, this talented artist been entertaining crowds since 1971. She released her latest album in 2003.
  5. Gala. This famous Italian female singer was born Gala Rizzatto. She has had several chart topping records with her song “Freed from desire” becoming a diamond record. Rizzatto has also garnered notice for her ability to write classical music. This talented songwriter will definitely be a fixture in the music industry.
  6. Nada. Born Nada Melanima, this female Italian singer began her career at the tender age of fifteen. She won the Sanremo Music Festival in 1971. She was also honored as the singer of the year in 1983. She continues to entertain the masses with her unique style of music.
  7. Emma Trentini. No list of the ten best Italian female singers would be complete without an opera singer. Born in the year 1878 in Montova Italy. She began to perform in the Manhattan Opera House in 1906. She was acclaimed for her ability to quickly adapt to a role. Throughout her life she performed various dramatic and comedic opera roles. She died on March 23, 1959.
  8. Lara Saint Paul. This extremely talented Italian female singer has worked aside greats such as Louis Armstrong, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and more. This artist is known as the Italian Jane Fonda is most noted for her aerobic and clothing lines.
  9. Francesca Caccini. One of the two talented daughters of famous composer Guilio Caccini, Francesca made a name for herself early in life. She was noted for her skill with the keyboard, lute, guitar, and harp as well as her singing abilities. Caccini holds the distinction as being the first female composer for the opera.
  10. Alessandra Amoroso. The final songstress on the list of the top ten female Italian singers, offers a hip soulful sound to her voice. Born August 12, 1986 this young female star has already accomplished a great career. She was the 2009 winner of the Amici di Maria De Filippi. She has already sold out arenas. Her first album has also gone platinum.

These ten female Italian singers offer a wide assortment of musical styles. They are frontrunners in their time. They range from classical composers to modern day pop superstars. These women are well known as the best because they have a great talent that transcends the musical boundaries, making them nationally known for their talent.

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