10 Best Italian Love Songs

In Italy everyone sings, and everybody knows these ten best Italian love songs. What is better to sing about than love? Italians are famous for songs of amore, and these ten best Italian love songs are just a few examples.

  1. "That's Amore" by Dean Martin. Many of the best Italian love songs didn't come from Italy and are sung mostly in English. This song is popular both in the English-speaking world and in Italy. Only Dean Martin could sing lyrics like, "When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore" and not sound sappy
  2. "O sole mio" by Luciano Pavarotti. No list of Italian love songs can be complete without including something sung by the great tenor Pavarotti. And what better song to show off his strong. Voice than this classical love song, 'Oh, lonely me.'
  3. "Volare" (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) by Jerry Vale. Who can sing an Italian love song better than Jerry Vale.  He made this sweeping, strong Italian love song popular.
  4. "Love is Mine" by Enrico Caruso. This opera singer attempted to record some songs in English to appeal to an American audience. His words were so unintelligible, he might as well have stuck with his native language. However nothing can diminish the power and fluency of his remarkable voice. This love song or any other by Caruso must have a place in the list of ten best Italian love songs.
  5. "Come Back to Sorrento" by Frank Sinatra. This Italian love song was the only one recorded entirely in Italian by this famous American. It has a strong conclusion that suggests Sinatra might have made a great opera singer if he had been born back in the old country.
  6. "Sapore di Sale" by Gino Paol. Released in 1963, this is the most famous song by Paol, who some consider the father of Italian pop music. Love can take many forms. This song is about the fantasies of a man who sees a girl swimming on a Sicilian beach.
  7. "Anema E Core" by Perry Como. Italian/American singers often proudly displayed their fluency in both languages. Perry Como starts this Italian love song in English and finishes it in Italian.
  8. "La Solitudine" by Laura Pausin. This Italian love song made Laura Pausin famous in her native Italy when she used it to win a singing contest. It is about the heartaches and sorrows that accompany young love.
  9. "A Man Without Love" (quando M'innamoro) by Al Martino. Here is another love song by an Italian/American sung half in English and half in Italian. This was a big hit for Martino in both countries.
  10. "Strani Amori" by Laura Pausin. This artist makes the list of the ten best Italian love songs a second time with another tale of young love gone sour. Laura Pausin is one of the most famous Italian pop singers in the world.
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