10 Best Italian Mafia Movies

If you love movies about crime, you should check the following list for the 10 best Italian Mafia movies. Italian Mafia movies are always interesting. They are usually stories about real people whose lives revolve in and around organized crime. The Italian Mafia lifestyle depicted in movies can be brutal at times, but it can also be loving and funny. This is a list of the ten best Italian Mafia movies.

  1. "A Bronx Tale." This story is about a young boy of Sicilian descent growing up in the Bronx New York. It follows him for a period as he learns some very important life lessons from the neighborhood wiseguy as well as his loving parents. This film depicts the Mafia as defenders of their neighborhood and was written by actor Chazz Palminteri about his Bronx upbringing.
  2. "Donnie Brasco." This shows true story of an FBI agent who infiltrates a Brooklyn mob family to break the organization up. The FBI agent becomes best friends with a has-been wiseguy and tries to help him get out of Mafia life before he is arrested or killed for vouching for him. The FBI agent's efforts resulted in hundreds of indictments and landed him and his family in the witness protection program.
  3. "The Godfather." This is a classic Italian Mafia story about one Mafia family. The story follows an aging mob boss who tries desperately to convince his reluctant Americanized son to take over the family business after his death. This Mafia family has specific rules: killing is acceptable but they never ever sell drugs.
  4. "Goodfellas." The true story of former goodfella Henry Hill, it follows thirty years of his life in the Italian Mafia. As Henry's life spirals to a dead end, he turns snitch and rats out his life long Mafia brothers. For Henry's efforts, he is placed in the witness protection program because of a contract put on his head from the Italian Mafia men that he betrayed.
  5. "Brooklyn Rules." This Mafia movie is about three friends who grew up on the Mafia controlled streets of Bay Ridge Brooklyn New York. Their friendship becomes strained when one of them becomes involved with the Italian Mafia in spite of their plans to do something different than what they saw growing up.
  6. "Staten Island." This Italian Mafia movie takes place on Staten Island in New York. The story is touching, very funny at times and violent. It is about three men whose lives intersect because of a crime against an Italian Mafia boss. This movie is also intense and suspenseful.
  7. "The Professional." This action-packed thriller follows a meek but dedicated Italian Mafia hitman. After a little girl's family is murdered by corrupt detectives, the hitman takes her into his humble apartment to protect her. When the corrupt detectives find out where the marked girl is, they descend on the hitman's home in large numbers only to be brought to their knees. This is a must see movie with a twist on the end.
  8. "Gomorrah." This movie is about the Italian Mafia that operates in Naples, Italy. It depicts the Mafia's influence and effects on the people and neighborhoods it controls. The film's depiction of the Mafia is explosive and raw. This Mafia movie was shot on location in Naples, Italy in the Italian language. The movie has English subtitles.
  9. "The Untouchables." This autobiographical Italian Mafia movie follows special agent Elliot Ness and mob boss, Al Capone. Special agent Elliott Ness tries to bring down mob kingpin Al Capone during the prohibition era.
  10. "Find Me Guilty." The true story of mobster Giacomo DiNorscio, DiNorscio was already facing a thirty year sentence for another crime when he did the unimaginable. The largely uneducated DiNorscio acted as his own attorney to defend himself against new charges rather than testify against his wiseguy friends for a lighter sentence. This is a must see film that is funny and touching.
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