10 Best Italian Male Singers

It’s difficult to imagine the world of music without the contributions of Italians, and it’s equally difficult to narrow down a list of the 10 best Italian male singers. Covering several genres of music from rock-and-roll to pop to opera, each of the men on our list of the ten best Italian male singers of all time has had a major impact on the popularity of music throughout the world.

  1. Frank Sinatra. “Old Blue Eyes” not only tops our list of ten best Italian male singers but is perhaps the greatest singer of all time. Born in New Jersey to Italian immigrants, Frank Sinatra’s amazing career ran six decades producing a string of hits ranging from “Night and Day” to “New York, New York.” In addition to a singing career, Sinatra found success as an actor winning an Oscar for his performance in “From Here to Eternity.”
  2. Luciano Pavarotti. Next on our list of the ten best Italian singers of all time is the man who popularized opera among the masses. Blessed with amazing lungs and a booming voice, Luciano Pavarotti teamed with fellow opera stars Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in the ‘90s to form The Three Tenors.
  3. Tony Bennett. The next entry on our list of top Italian singers may have left his heart in San Francisco, but Anthony Benedetto was born in New York City. Still going strong at age 84, Bennett is one of the few remaining voices from a bygone era.
  4. Dean Martin. Following success teaming with comedian Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin joined Frank Sinatra as a member of the fabled “Rat Pack” and never looked back. Born Dino Crocetti, Martin’s career included television success with the popular “Dean Martin Show” as well as a series of celebrity roasts.
  5. Andrea Bocelli. Picking up where Pavarotti left off, Andrea Bocelli’s popularity among mainstream music listeners earns him a spot on our list of the ten best Italian male singers of all time. Bocelli is equally comfortable whether belting out opera classics like “Nessum Dorma” or teaming up with pop stars like Christina Aguilera.
  6. Perry Como. His soft voice and laid back style made this man one of the most popular singers of his time and puts him on our list of best Italian male singers. Born in Pennsylvania to Italian immigrants, Perry Como was a television fixture during the 1950s and ‘60s ending each year with an annual Christmas special.
  7. Enrico Caruso. The premier Italian tenor of the early part of the Twentieth Century, Enrico Caruso was born in Italy, but became a mainstay of the New York Metropolitan Opera. Through the infant stages of sound recording, Caruso became the first opera star whose voice would be heard by millions.
  8. Mario Lanza. Working professionally under the male version of his mother Maria’s maiden name, the next entry on our list of great Italian singers was born Alfredo Cocozza in Philadelphia. Lanza would go on to great fame as a tenor and far lesser fame as a mediocre actor before dying of a pulmonary embolism at age 38.
  9. Bobby Darin. Another Italian singer who left too soon, Bobby Darin died at age 37 following heart surgery. Born Walden Cassotto in New York City, Darin broke in as a 1950s teen idol before finding fame as a nightclub singer with his most famous hit, “Mack the Knife.”
  10. Frankie Valli. The final entry on our list of the ten best Italian male singers of all time popularized the sound of falsetto in the early ‘60s as the lead singer of The Four Seasons. Later, Frankie Valli would enjoy a successful solo career before his music would be featured in the hit Broadway musical, “Jersey Boys.”
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