10 Best Italian Movies

If you are interested in foreign films, particularly films produced in Europe, you may want to watch the following 10 best Italian movies. 
  1. "La Strada". Directed by Federico Fellini, "La Strada" is the story of a poor girl who is taken into the circus by a manipulative man. This is a quirky yet exquisite coming-of-age story that will capture your eyes. It tops the ten best Italian movies as it is filled with excellent actors.
  2. "Rome, Open City". This movie depicts lives in Rome under Nazi's control. It focuses on the struggle of a resistance leader and how he seeks help from his friend's fiancee. Yet at the end, he is betrayed by his own lover. The tense and anxious atmosphere of the film, coupled with good directing, makes it one of the best Italian movies. 
  3. "Paisan". Like "Rome, Open City", "Paisan" is directed by Roberto Rossellini as part of the War Trilogy. It portrays the condition of Italy after World War II. It portrays the lives of six separate characters and how they manage to survive amidst the chaos. 
  4. "Shoeshine". This film won the first Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. It is on the list of the best Italian movies as it is a intricate portrayal of friendship between two young shoeshine boys.
  5. "1900". Starring Robert De Niro, "1900" is a five-hour long film featuring the struggle and disputes between peasants and landowners. This classic is definitely worth your time. 
  6. "The Battle of Algiers". This is a post-colonial film that powerfully displays the independence movement of Algerians against the French authority. The film portrays this political struggle and atrocities committed by both France and Algeria, making it difficult for the audience to side with either side. It is one of the best Italian movies because of its deep emotional impact and political message.
  7. "The Best of Youth". This classic film documents the growth and coming-of-age of two young brothers, making it one of the best Italian movies of all times. The two brothers share adventures and heartbreaks together. As they take their separate path, they meet two women who will change their lives forever.
  8. "La Dolce Vita". Another famous film by Fellini, this film is almost the history of paparazzi. It stars Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni. It is a story about a journalist who faces the struggle between leading the life as an elite or returning to the domesticity of his household.  
  9. "The Leopard". This dramatic epic depicts the historic revolution in Sicily and the decline of a noble family. The prince's self-indulgence and a fort-minute long ball scene becomes the movie's opulent hallmark. It is intricately executed with talented actors.
  10. "Miracle in Milan". This film is a juxtaposition of neo-realist and fantastical elements.  Tracing the life of an orphan boy, this film portrays his struggle and development as a young man in post-war Milan. It reaches the climax when the man is given a magical dove which will help him achieve all his dreams. At the same time, the film also portrays the life of homeless people in Milan.
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