10 Best Italian Restaurants in America

America may be no Italy, but finding the 10 best Italian restaurants in America is no difficult feat. There are several Italian restaurants in the country that serve some of the most authentic Italian dishes. Many of these restaurants combine some modern American flavor to create some of the best signature styles.

  1. II Caffe at Frasca Food and Wine-Boulder, CO. Offering a very quaint dining experience offering its infamous Friulian dishes. The meals are quite unique, yet authentically rich with a beautiful ambiance throughout the restaurant. (303) 442-6966, 1738 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO, 80305.
  2. Tarry Lodge-Port Chester, NY. If you are aware of who Chef Mario Batali is, then you know that you will experience the best of fine dining at his restaurant within the suburb of Port Chester in New York City which offers one of the best Italian cuisine in America.
  3. Arcodoro-Dallas, TX. Making the list of the best Italian restaurants in America is this restaurant which is one of the most elegant, offering great, rustic Italian meals with excellent service. When you want to be wined and dined, this is where to go. (214) 871-1924, 100 Crescent Court, Dallas, TX, 75201.
  4. Babbo-New York, NY. Of course, New York offers some of the best Italian restaurants in America. Babbo of New York offers wonderfully priced meals for the great elegance and sophistication within. The meals are chef designed and quite spectacular offering one of the best dining experiences you can have. (212) 777-0303, 110 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10011.
  5. Biba-Sacramento, CA. Seems that there is a commonality between the best Italian restaurants in America and their names. This restaurant offers a one of a kind elegance, however, making it one of the best Italian restaurants anywhere. (916) 455-2422, 2801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95816.
  6. Da Marco-Houston, TX. When you are seeking a fresh and new experience, this restaurant offers the most refreshing dining area that is quite extraordinary. The meals are expertly prepared with the look and the taste of perfection, making this one of the best Italian restaurants in America. (713) 807-8857, 1520 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006.
  7. Delfina-San Francisco, CA. California has a reputation for fine dining and luxury beyond any other state, and this restaurant surely reflects that image of California. This is not just one of the best Italian restaurants in America, it also places as one of the top restaurants overall. (415) 552-4055.
  8. Sabatino’s-Chicago, IL. Whoever thought Chicago wouldn’t have a restaurant included in the list of America’s best Italian restaurants? This restaurant goes a step above elegance and creates a romantic spot perfect for any date or anniversary. (773) 283-8331, 4441 W Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL, 60641.
  9. Trattoria Marcella-St. Louis, MO. For a lower priced, yet high class meal, this is a great place to stop for any dining reason. There are fresh tastes and seasoning that offers some of the best Italian food in America. (314) 352-7706, 3600 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO, 63109.
  10. Vespaio-Austin, TX. Who knew Texas had such a knack for Italian? One of the best Italian restaurants in America can be found here, serving fresh and hand prepared meals that are above average while still sporting a cost that is very reasonable its quality. (512) 441-6100, 1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78704.
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