10 Best Italian Restaurants: Denver

Denver’s 10 best Italian restaurants offer some of the best Italian meals you will find this side of Mother Italy. Italian restaurants are among the most lucrative ethnic restaurants in the nation. Italian food is rich in taste and offers a mix of many flavors and textures. Below are ten of the best Italian restaurants in Denver:

  1. Maggiano’s Little Italy is an upscale Italian restaurant that offers a wide menu with a taste of Italia. The food is exceptional and the ambiance is unsurpassed. This is an exceptional restaurant and a great place to take a date. Maggiano’s Little Italy: 500 16th St., Denver, Colorado 80202. (303) 260-7707
  2. Pagliacci’s Italian Restaurant offers the finest in Italian dining and a wine list that is the best in the city. This is a quaint location and another great location for a date, with fine dining with reasonable prices for five star food and service. Pagliacci’s Italian Restaurant: 1440 W 33rd Ave, Denver, Colorado 80211. (303) 458-0530
  3. Pasquini’s Pizzeria is the best pizza and lasagna in Denver. This is a local favorite and hot spot; a great place to gather with friends or make new ones. There is a reason this Pizzeria is on the list, it really is that good. Pasquini’s Pizzeria: 1310 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80210. (303) 744-0917
  4. The Cherry Tomato offers authentic Italian food with a neighborhood feel. Great eats with a super fun staff; this is an excellent evening out with the family. The Cherry Tomato: 4645 E 23rd Ave, Denver, Colorado 80207.
  5. Carmine’s on Penn is a neighborhood family-style restaurant boasting traditional dishes. This is a local favorite for over ten years offering a great atmosphere for family and friends. Carmine’s on Penn: 92 S Pennsylvania St., Denver, Colorado 80209 (303) 777-6443
  6. Prima is a luxurious Italian restaurant set inside Hotel Teatro. Upscale and a perfect romantic setting, this is an excellent location with a great staff and awesome dishes. Prima: 1100 14th St., Denver, Colorado 80202. (303) 228-0770
  7. Washington Park Grille offers fine dining in an elegant environment. They server superb plated traditional favorites, this is another romantic environment; the Italian’s truly do have the market on romance cornered. Washington Park Grille: 1096 S Gaylord St., Denver, Colorado 80209. (303) 777-0707
  8. Pazano is a classical Italian restaurant offering traditional Tuscany plates. This is a local area neighborhood favorite attracting plenty of folks on a nightly basis. This is a great place for family, friends or to take a date. Pazano: 909 17th St., Denver, Colorado 80202. (303) 296-3525
  9. Café Calore offers fine Italian dining in fun and open environment, with a large patio area for refreshing outdoor dining. This is a local area favorite with a large menu and wine list. Café Calore: 1512 Larimer St., Denver, Colorado 80202. (303) 534-6844
  10. Piatti Ristorante and Bar is an upscale restaurant that offers the freshest in vegetables. Locally operated catering to the taste of the locals, this is a great family dinner location. Piatti Ristorante and Bar: 190 St. Paul St., Denver, Colorado 80206. (303)-321-1919
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