10 Best Italian Restaurants: El Paso

El Paso, Texas has many restaurant options, but among the best are the top ten Italian restaurants listed here. They are all guaranteed to have excellent food and service.

  1. Cappetto's Restaurant. This great Italian restaurant strives to serve truly authentic Italian food for reasonable prices. They serve everything from sandwiches to pizza and pasta. They are located at both: 2716 Montana or call: (916)566-9357; and 2285 Trawood Ave. or call: (915)591-8907. 
  2. Dominic's Italian Restaurante Cafe Bar. This top ten Italian restaurant not only serves Italian food, but steaks and seafood as well. They have consistently great service and outstanding food. They can be found at: 6901 Montana Ave. or call: (915)778-0011.
  3. Italian Kitchen. Serving excellent food at competitive prices, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in El Paso. They can be found at: 2923 Pershing Dr. or call: (915)565-4041.
  4. Sorrento Italian Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for their pizza, but they also serve other top-notch Italian dishes. They are located at: 5325 Dyer St. or call: (915)565-3937.
  5. Mi Piaci. This beautifully decorated Italian restaurant is one of the finest in El Paso. Guests really enjoy their steak and lobster combos. They are located at: 5411 N. Mesa St. #1 or call: (915)875-0034.
  6. Romano's Macaroni Grill. This casual top ten restaurant serves wonderful traditional Italian dishes. They can be found at: 11885 Gateway Blvd. W. or call: (915)594-3979.
  7. Michelangelo's Lil Italy. Serving delicious Italian food, this restaurant is definitely one of the best in the area. Guests really enjoy the Chocolate Lasagna Dessert. They are located at: 3512 N. Yarbrough Dr. or call: (915)598-3894.
  8. Como's Italian Restaurant. Since 1958, they have been serving authentic Italian food from Old World recipes. They are located at: 4030 N. Mesa or call: (915)533-0287.
  9. Savino's Italian Restaurant. This restaurant serves outstanding Italian cuisine for reasonable prices. They can be found at: 9449 Montana Ave. or call: (915)598-7948.
  10. Bella Napoli. This restaurant is famous for making homemade Italian food. They are located at: 6331 N. Mesa St. or call: (915)598-7948. 
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