10 Best Italian Restaurants: Fresno

Every city in every state offers a great Italian restaurant, but what about finding the 10 best Italian restaurants in Fresno? This is absolutely possible as Fresno offers some of the best Italian restaurants anywhere. The authentic tastes found within cannot be compared to many other cities.

  1. Giulia’s Italian Restaurant. The atmosphere within is truly inviting, offering the Italian feel that is hard to find in the US. With excellent food, great pricing and even a handy children’s menu for a family night out, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno. Giulia’s Italian Restaurant: 3050 West Shaw Ave., Fresno, CA 93711.
  2. Romano’s Macaroni Grill. If you are visiting or if you live in Fresno, you can’t complete the list of best Italian restaurants in Fresno without this one. The atmosphere is very fun and alive, offering a great gathering place for the best night out. Romano’s Macaroni Grill: 7650 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93720.
  3. Di Ciccos. When you are seeking one of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno for a great evening, this is a great start. This restaurant not only offers a great authentic Italian taste to their dishes, but also a great setting for any family or friendly dinner. Di Ciccos: 5251 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93710.
  4. The Old Spaghetti Factory. When in search of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno, the Old Spaghetti Factory is hard to compete with. The setting offers a spectacular decor, with an ambiance that makes you never want to leave. The food is extraordinary with a great Italian/European taste in very large portions. The Old Spaghetti Factory: 1610 East Shaw Ave., Fresno, CA 93710.
  5. Gigi’s Cucina Italiano. For a family style night on Sunday, or a romantic night any night of the week, Gigi’s is one of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno. The fresh Italian dishes offer such great taste, they will tempt your palate to return frequently. Gigi’s Cucina Italiano: 9447 North Fort Washington Road, Fresno, CA 93730.
  6. Bella Pasta. When you are in search of that filling and large meal with the perfect glass of wine, you can’t go wrong here. The restaurant offers large group seating or intimate seating, with exceptional food and prices. Bella Pasta: 7033 North Cedar Ave., Fresno, CA 93720.
  7. La Rocca’s Ristorante Italiano. A cozy and romantic spot to get intimate with a first, second or lifelong date, this restaurant has a perfect ambiance for love. The meals are originally Italian in every way, placing this restaurant on the list of best Italian restaurants in Fresno. La Rocca’s Ristorante Italiano: 6735 North 1st St., Fresno, CA 93710.
  8. Oggi Cosi Si Mangia. Rated as not only one of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno, but as one of Fresno’s top restaurants of any kind, this restaurant offers a dark and truly Italian romantic setting that is quite breathtaking. The meals are freshly prepared and wonderfully placed, with awesome prices as well. Oggi Cosi Si Mangia: 1110 North Van Ness Ave., Fresno, CA 93728.
  9. Fatte Albert's Pizza. If you are looking for fine dining, you will need to seek another of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno. This place offers a great Italian meal for a low cost and a short wait, making it a great place to dine. Fatte Albert's Pizza: 110 E 7th St., Hanford, CA 93230.
  10. Luna Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. Great food, fast service, little commitment. This restaurant offers a fast meal that is high class without the high class dining. You will be able to be yourself as you enjoy a meal from one of the best Italian restaurants in Fresno. Luna Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant: 349 Pollasky Ave., Clovis, CA 93612.
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